[API 5/6] ClearMob [ClearLag Port] [Vanilla/Modded]


is there a list of permissions available somewhere i am unable to locate them, i searched the wiki on github but i dont see a list of permissions




… No :confused: github pages just don’t like being linked…

Anyway, its on the Wiki page, under Commands Explained.


I clearly am not doing something right, lol. I added 2 permission nodes clearmob.run.entity and also clearmob.run.tileentity
but am unable to run the commands says i dont have the permission to run the /clearmob run entity command also it doesnt appear to be running at all the interval is set to 61 which as i understand is in seconds and nothing is being printed in game chat or console. If you could help me out i would be greatly appreciative.


Well :stuck_out_tongue: First I need a copy of the config and a copy of the last fml log. (This would all be nice in an issue)


This Plugin is for Sponge 4.x or 1.8.9? Or what plugin is for Sponge 4.x or 1.8.9?


As the title states, this is for API 5 and 6. which is 1.10.2 and higher. There is far too much in the plugin now, and too many changes to the API for this to be compiled in 1.8.9.


I have passive mode on and warnings enabled but it never displays a warning message just the cleared items message. It appears to show the entities have been cleared message and then a minute late displays it again. My config is here https://pastebin.com/C5p6xYb6


This was reported on my github already… I just fixed it and pushed the new build to ore.



I am using clearmob 1.3.5 with spongeforge but I have an issue with /clearmob run items

With argument mobs or xp the command has no trouble but when I run with items it shows nothing, not even an error in the console.

Do you have any idea why ?


Issue Tracker Please make an issue here and include the ‘stack traces’ from the server log. This is the error that comes up when you run the command.


I don’t have anything to show, I have no idea why there is no stacktrace. It seems that the command just do nothing… I needed a one time cleanup and I used CatClearLag which solved my issue.


This might be a stupid question, but is there somewher a well explained version of the .json configuration? I can’t completely figure out how it works.

If someone wants to tell me how to configure this correctly these are the features I want it to do on a specific interval:

  1. Remove ALL ground items (except diamonds of course).
  2. If there’s more than X entities in chunk, remove the extra ones leaving at least two of each entity. (Example if there’s too big farm, limit it a little bit but not too much. And by “not too much” I mean that if someone has a big farm it would suck if it removes all of the cows but leaves 20 pigs instead of leaving 10 pigs and 10 cows)

I really need those on my server because I’m traumatized with too big farms…


In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: https://ore.spongepowered.org/axle2005/ClearMob