Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Dumb Answer


'cause it's been dead and lying in the sun for too long

Why is a limerick?


Why not? (both my answer and my question)



sink an Irish submarine?


No, float a British plane!
Honestly, why are my questions and answers so corny?



Now where did I leave the butter...?


With @ButterDev....

This statement is a question.


ERROR: Something happened.

Press F to pay respects?

[GAME] That moment when

Shake hands

Gone milling?


Gone fishing...

Factoring the factor of factorization, what factor results from factoring the factor-able factorial?


FLAGGED (For those of you who don't want to see the flagged question but want to see his answer to meguy's question, the answer was "a ratio".)

Can you break your teeth on bitecode?


Yes because you have to bite bitecode. Is a pizza able to support SMTP?


yes if it's not realy heavy .
Does The ISS Have a Girlfriend ?


It indeed did. It was the MIR. :stuck_out_tongue:

To photoshop or not to photoshop?


Not to be.

When can I have ice cream?


On the roof

Where did I leave my cat?


At 4:92a.m.

Why does the leaning tower of pisa stand up straight?


Its mother told it off for slouching.

Why is a bird in the hand better than one in the foot?


because you prefer basket.
is troll a job ?


No, but job is a troll.

Why am I currently asking this question?


Because the question is simple enough for our IQs.

What is the fly doing over there?