Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Dumb Answer


Then Hell happens
Why did technic solder 0.7 DEV take so long?


Because fedora is kill.
What is 24?


what is PC master race.


It's planet windows which revolves around the great star known as the Macintosh.

How do I quikskope? XDDDD


You don't, because pc master race.
Why are Windows PCs better than Macs? (Talking about hardware, not software)


Because they have unlimited cosmic energy.

But what if cosmic energy is kill?


Only is demension 743749837987783
Why does @BitByte.exe crash so offten?


Becau- cau- cau- cau- @BitByte.exe has stopped working, would you like to close the program?

Why is brain 404?


Error: Could not create the Java virtual machine

Why does (A + Z)^Math.PI = Elephant +


Becaus values A and B are not defined for constructor "question".
Why can I not think of a good question?


Because brain is 404.

Why is brain 404?


Because @BitByte.exe isn't responding
Why is the earth 100% blue with no other color?


Because I'm blue da ba dee da ba die

Why did I just reference that?


Becuase you are


[Insert stupid message here]

Why did @The_Doctors_Life not ask a question?


Becuase he did,

Why does @BitByte not pay attention?


Because @BitByte.exe has stopped working.

Why doesn't @The_Doctors_Life put the question after the answer to avoid illegalQuestionExceptions?


Becuse he loves to have his code fail
Why does @BitByte not have any forge mods?


Because forge is 4laggy16me.

What happens if else then returns false?


A fluffy kitty happens,
Why doesn't @BitByte.exe like kittens?