Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Dumb Answer


What happens if @BitByte.exe returns false when returns true?


Why does Cat return banana when a player jumps 10 times?


Cats climb.
Why does snow snow?


Because rain is kill.

Why does ice cream ice cream tbh imo afaik?


Because Apples hacking.
Why does Sponge?


why does cat?


Because dog. dog
What is potato?


It's pronounced poe-tot-oh.

if else returns null then try throws continue returns true?


Justin Beiber

Why do tweet on twitter?


Justin Bieber

if(facebook == myspace){

$s = facebook("MySpace");

if ($s < "facebook") {
    echo "You have died due to a universal explosion";
} else {
    echo "Oh look, A deer"

         <p>Yep I code to much<p>

[GAME] That moment when

Justin Bieber

What if PHP was kill?



$kill = fopen("", "w")

if ($kill < "@BitByte") {
  kill @BitByte;
  echo "@BitByte has died, would you like like to restart?"
} else {
  kill @The_Doctors_Life;
  echo "Hahaha, that's what happens when you don't kill @BitByte"

Why is PHP similar to java?


because PHP is kill imo tbh afaik.

If stackoverflow returns negative does it make it stackunderflow?


It makes it


then 404 question not found. @Bitbyte.exe has crashed.

Why is image 404?


what is a stupid question


return yolo;

If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him?


Because people want to know Steven Spielberg's inside story about rainbows.

Was the project finished about a week ago?


if bob returns true
echo "yes"
if janny returns false
echo "LOL derp"

Why haven't I invested time to learn java yet?