Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Dumb Answer


Because you haven't looked deep inside the Cheddar.



504 Brain overload.

if true == false then returns null? what if paradox is kill?

$kill = fopen("", "w")

if ($kill < "@BitByte") {
  kill @BitByte;
  echo "@BitByte has died, would you like like to restart?"
} else {
  kill @The_Doctors_Life;
  echo "Hahaha, that's what happens when you don't kill @BitByte"
if bob = false ($kill < "@BitByte") {
goto $kill
echo "starting all over again"
} else {
start $kill = "everyone"
echo "And that kids, is why you never let goto fail"

How come I like php so much, yet haven't done java yet?


Because do you even c# bro?
If I false do I null?


if false = null
do ("kill bot & tom")
} else {
echo "fail"


Error, syntax error on token " expected string + ? After token.
What does IQ stand for?


1 Direction

this sentence is false?


because 1/0 = java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
why does bacon?


Because Pig.

Who is Cicada 3301 do what?



Why does Sponge Bukkit?



How does dog squeak?



Why does can't return true/false?


Because returning true is false.

Where are the high-potassium potatoes?


they are where null returns true != 9000.

I can has cookie?


Cookie can has you.



No, its about 3:30pm.


Potato: 404 Potato potato potato.

I can has potato?


No, Lamppost.

Why is Potater: 418?


why is false=true+5=jfdfkdf?


Because +!!

How come you 'drive through' when you 'stop'?