Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Dumb Answer


Because the pipes are orange.

Why does @gabizou resemble a noodle strainer?


Because reality divided by 0.

Can this thread get any stupider?


Only if you make it so.

Can we just stop posting on this thread?


With enough mayonnaise, anything is possible.

But why would we do that?


Only if the mean mayonnaise to fries ratio is 9001:1

Can I have an @mbaxter cat now?


Only if you divide a cat by doge.

Can I haz zalgo text?


only if x + b == false/true
can I haz good pc



Why is pore so bad?


Because it’s team is filled with sweat.

What is the capital of the Moon?


The letter M.

Why is this thread so dumb?


Because that question has been asked, before.



google translate.

Do that make any sense?


Unable to awnser, @bitbyte.exe has crashe… google has crashe… BLUE SCREEN
Why do @bitbyte.exe crash everything?


Because the author can’t code.

Is sponge cool?


Bananas are cool.



I’m her.

Can you spell “team” without “@gabizou”?


Yes you can spell “team without @gabizou”. T-E-A-M-W-I-T-H-O-U-T-G-A-B-I-Z-O-U

Why is rot 26 better than MD5?


because ccPK17wG8zGgNyLtFI7IwO9PSIK5uQNDAfWELTkJOT0w58X5bOm2fIU0jHWgkFqxAxJO5rbHB6wcDSN5OnzAhIeVLLCRscFLhnIRgKieBMdKlstGN8nzXVcSqI7U3eMKa5X5efX2HtJ1zd9sBW2M6fMrpIpsa83hZtRxMVIqpT3HzB0vevBW

Why does “One blue bug bled blue bug blood while another blue bug bled black”? (Trying singing that fast)


I don’t even know.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

(nono, this totally isn’t an epic necro… :stuck_out_tongue: )


Because he had eighty-twelve motives under question, all of which involved canabalism

Why don’t I have a girlfriend?