AurionVoteListener [2.4]

AurionVoteListener 2.4

What is it?
AurionVoteListener is a plugin to give rewards to player when his voted for your server. It works with NuVotifier. This plugin is a copy of the functionality of GAListener carry under sponge

How it works?
When the player voted, the plugin gives rewards depending on what you have configured, and add the vote. If the player are not online, dont panic, It is added to the waiting list in the database.


  • Give rewards based on the voting site
  • Give extra rewards if players get to luck
  • Show top voters ingame

Config -outdated
here you can find the explanations to configure the rewards
here you can find an exampe of configuration

  • Without permission :
    /Vote -> Sends the “votemessage” of the config file to the player
    /Votetop -> Shows the best Voters

  • Command for admin with permission “listener.admin”
    /Aurions cleartotals -> clear the database for the vote
    /Aurions clearqueue -> clear the database for the queue without giving any reward
    /Aurions forcequeue -> clear the database for the queue by giving the rewards
    /Aurions fakevote <player> [Service Name] -> Execute a fake vote
    /Aurions set <player> <vote> -> Set vote for a player
    Use /sponge plugins reload to reload


If you’d like to download this plugin, you can grab the latest build here

GitHub Repository

If you’d like to check out the GitHub Repository, you can do so here


Planned Features

* Message to remind you to vote

  • UUID support
  • I accept any other suggestions



AurionVoteListerner V1.0.1


  • Permission correction
  • new Announcement message with Intervalle configurable

@Mineaurion the download link does not work (error 404)

Thx you, it’s corrected

getting a null error on any command i try with this plugin?

Here is the error pastebin

what is the version of Nuvotifier?
And Can i have your config file?

The latest on both sponge and your plugin.

and I generated a new config, its your default one that spawns in one when you first load up your plugin.

AurionVoteListener V1.0.2


  • fix error
  • update default config (now File mode by default)

@VinceOrlando Thank you I had just forgotten a condition in an if.
Download the new version and generate a new config file And normally it should work

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Thank you, glad I can be of some small help :slight_smile:

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just letting you know if you keep the default config and using your database file, something in your code is throwing mass errors and causing a null issue and not handing out vote items :\

can i have your log for see the problem and correct it please

wasnt able to grab it, had people voting and not receiving anything because it would go to write in the database and it would corrupt and throw a null error.

OK, I had the same error in my server test, and the problem was due to the config file. So is It possible to have the config file, for check if it’s this

I did
I even reset the configuration to your default one and it still had database issues. Idk what it is

without the exact error and config file,i can do nothing.

Put log and config (remove password) on pastebin

Here ya go


Debug 1:

Debug 2(when i use /aurions reload):

And here is with your default config when voting

With the default config, the plugin works?

The problem does not directly concern the code, but a conflict with the config, I finish the modifications I made and I focus on your problem after