AurionVoteListener [2.4]


Default config, it works. I can change the items under DEFAULT in the services section. I change anything else, it will no longer work, Also tells me to configure database with your default config but when I put my own mysql info in it throws null errors which i posted above.

Also, the vote message with /vote isnt hotlinked neither :stuck_out_tongue:


AurionsVoteListener 1.0.3

Add click on the link
Fix error with SQL data base
Fix error


AurionsVoteListener 1.0.4

Fix error


could you add gal's cumulative voting? I've yet to find a vote listener plugin that will let me for example give a vote-key every 2 votes rather then every vote. how i done this with gal was do it cumulative up to a certain number then it'd purge their vote count back down to zero to loop around.


Nice idea. I try to implement this. Maybe you will have a realese the next week


AurionVoteListener 1.0.6

Download now

I remove 1.0.5 to many error
- Update config automatically
- Add Cumulative vote
- Fix error with some IP

@Khaoz Sorry about the delay, some problems along the way


I love you. thank you for adding cumulative votes!


Okay I ran into a couple of issue 1 when people do /vote or /votetop it says unknown command as if it crashed. Two I have no errors in my console which is confusing .

I want to provide links when players to /vote I dont know if I am doing this right I need help here my config


AurionsVoteListener 1.0.7

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  • Fix reward
  • Fix link in message
  • Fix ExtraReward
  • Now it display one message when the player login and that it voted and he was not connected (Ability to configure message)

Delete the config file and generate a new


an update to api7 would be nice sir <3


would be nice to have a command that can set or reset the players votecount so a loop can be preformed with the cummulative voting. players hits 100 votes and it resets them to 0 to redo it again or something rather then clearing the whole database. (still interested in 1.10 development not 1.11 or 1.12 api ofcourse.


AurionsVoteListener 1.0.8

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Update to SpongeApi 7.0.0

Correct issue #12

  • if player or broadcast message are empty, they don’t send message

Add Command :
/aurions set <Player> <vote>
permission : “listener.admin”

SpongeApi 7 is in experimental, I update again when sponge becomes stable



New discord support


AurionVoteListener V1.0.8-bis

Correct issue : #16

I just modified a line for get default service

Download now

[TEMP] NuVotifier for API7 (1.12.1+)

AurionVoteListener V1.0.9

  • configs’ update : Reorganization, they are clearer

    • Setting.conf ->all about SQL, global message
    • Reward.conf -> Config for rewards
    • AdvancedReward.conf -> Cumulative Reward, ExtraReward, Permission Reward
  • New -> Permission Reward, they execute command only if the player have the permission

  • SpongeApi 7

Download now


What Votifier are you using for this?


we use nuvotifier with it for api7


That doesn’t have any releases though, do you have a .jar for that version?




I’ve fixed a problem, the advanced rewards are giving.

API 7.
Work with all nuvotifier but I recomend this : [TEMP] NuVotifier for API7 (1.12.1+)