AurionVoteListener [2.4]


What do you think about a feature that can reward players every x votes in a row they do? For example if they vote 7 days in a row they’ll get something cool, but if they vote 5 days in a row, didn’t vote the 6th day, the count gets reset.


I know what you mean, but I think the plugin is already quite complete, and I don’t have too much time to update it at the moment (the school before). If I have a moment, I’ll try to implement this.


I get a null error when trying to do /aurions clearqueue, also when i try /aurions fakevote {playername} nothing happens. Latest verision. Spongeforge 1.12.2-2611


AurionVoteListener V2.1

  • Fixed advanced reward

  • Code rewrited and cleaned

  • Correction with onlineonly.

    • OnlineOnly = true -> If you are not connected, the vote added to queue
      OnlineOnly = false -> If you are not connected, they try to execute command (Warning, some command can not work)
  • Correction error connection database

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last update only has source. no jar added?


Luckster - Today at 3:11 PM
I’ve just logged in after a server reboot and noticed the server thinks I voted in that absence and rewarded me

I have already voted today and got my vote rewards for the day I did not log in, but still voted offline

I just tested it now by logging off and logging back in and sure enough, new candies, and another key


AurionVoteListener V2.4

  • Offline message can be empty now
  • Correction of database locked
  • Add decimal in extra Reward (need quote arounde number ex : “20.5”)
  • Correction offline vote not removed
  • Some Fix

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P.S @Khaoz Normaly this version correct your problem