Bardic Extrapolation (Rime of the Ancient Sponge)


Similar to what do you mean by Justin Bieber… Idk :wink:


These are so clever. So many to read!


This work was created using only 24 millibytes of RAM (± reality).

Forgot the Hay

Spring in the air, the flowers bloom
The misty air to sunshine yields
A view from within my windowed room
Of dead horses grazing in the fields


Have my money… Have my coffee… Have my everything… Just keep making more awesome poetry


Not the coffee.


you can my coffee but not my java :wink:


Is it ironic that Vanilla only appears in modded Minecraft?

Practical Juju

The undead present some novel solutions
To regular chores and for dangerous tasks
No sleep, no rest, no workforce revolutions
Troublesome questions they never once ask

What can they do beyond drool, moan and fight?
When searching for villagers they need no eyes
They can fetch dropped items in the dead of night
Then return them to their owner to much surprise

They feel not the cold, nor aches or pains
What unusual resources they add to the cause
When brute force fails, they can use their brains
“I’ve thrown my brain, now you throw yours”


“If you think my name is morbid, you should see the trunk of my car” – ocelotpotpie

Gone in a Flash

No pirates ever saw the like
Of bandits such as these
Unpredictably they strike
Bringing kingdoms to their knees

Like the viking raiders
Who would burn, loot and rob
These vanishing invaders
The Teleporting Flashmob

Singing obscene carols
Scrawling on every door
Demanding of their tribute
Lest they return for more


If I were to ask you if the answer to this question would be “yes”, would you say “no”?

The Quiet One

The ides of January gave scant information
Poor vanilla Spongie fell into the void
Her unnoticed parallel transformation
As into the limelight she was deployed

Entranced, enhanced, advanced to Beta
She can do all the same heavy lifting
Come hang out in Downloads and meet her
The other get of SpongeCommon’s fling


“Reflection is a good way to shoot yourself in someone else’s foot.” – Keltinray

Aim of the Game

Existentialism makes the valid claim
That all our experiences are subjective
Is the real purpose of playing a game
To coax us to create new objectives?


“Why don’t you ever quote me?” – gravityfox

Haiku Everything

Well met, good readers!
Oblivious to your fate
As poem fodder

Is there no topic
That cannot be transfigured
Into a haiku?

All Spongedocs topics
May now appear summarised
In poetic rants





“Gentlemen, we sit too long on Trifles.” – Bill the Bard

Sponge: The Epic - Part 45.833

Provided with mysterious new dirt
Where paths may be revealed
Those following must stay alert
For the way is often concealed

Those who Forge the path ahead
All other roads they have sampled
Heroes of Sponge, with wary tread
They travel the road less trampled


We stand upon the shoulders of giants… or is that elephants?

Tall Encounters

A stack of pigs and a stack of cows
Went to sea in an acacia boat
Sadly they sank and half drowned
The other half-stacks stayed afloat

A passing column of squid assisted
To rescue the surviving mob heaps
Their valiant effort was resisted
By a tower of guardians from the deeps

The ensuing laser carnage debacle
Made meat rain on the boiling brew
Throw in a shower of vegetables
To turn the ocean into Irish stew


Avogadro. Avanother, there’s plenty to go around.

To Post or Not to Post

To be is to do, to do is to be
In order to POST you must PRE
If it’s not in the queue
Then there’s nothing to do
Timing is critical, don’t you see


If you learn its eccentricities you will discover FLARD is mind-meltingly powerful


It’s no use kicking sand
The gulf is wide betwixt
Malevolent IntelliJ and
The diabolical Eclipse

Their wicked ways diverge
By many means and modes
Subtle differences emerge
And warring bands of coders

We can conceive the means
To draw them back together
Create plugins (with netbeans)
So that each resembles the other

Web Development IDEs

In all honesty;
Your rime-ing is excessive,
your topics of little importance,
your poems repetitive.

Yet - there is a silent beauty,
a quiet wisp behind your words,
a small creature hiding in the brush.
A hidden entendre - sewn into your speeches.

It’s ever so easy to read the letters,
but the meaning remains hidden.
The power of Sponge is clear.
The power of words is muddy.

Incredible are your ballads, wonderful are your haikus,
and yet I still ask:
“Why, for what, and when?”


Bravo bravo… here is one more poet heading for greatness :slight_smile:


If all you have is a Spanner, does everyone start to look like a Nut?

Deja Vu Part 3

Have I said this before?
That when lost for meter
Shopping for frames of reference

Repetition of old lore
From inception to beta
Renders the appearance of diligence

Look behind, see the pattern
The path we tread is old
Scry the past for whatever’s next in store

Nothing new beneath the sun
Every tale is already told
Pardon me, but have I said this before?


That which does not kill you could still make you walk funny for days. – FLARDrich Nietzche

Jump in the Deep End

Who needs tutorials?
Just jump onto the stage
Guess and grab the tools you’ll need and try

The voyage of discovery
Of a trial-and-error rampage
Will teach you of the many reasons why