Bardic Extrapolation (Rime of the Ancient Sponge)


“Let’s start your quote! If you have multiple pets, don’t worry, you can add them later.”


R+ger was a routine
Confined within a tree
Until a special moonbeam
Set their process free

Running from constraint
The ultimate abuser
Endless walls to paint
An errant superuser

Out to spread and multiply
Their motivation clear
These verses will testify
That R+ger was here


“I would rather not have # as a modid again, thanks. or :snowman:” – cpw

In for a Pound

Queen Spongie’s crown
Is It up? Is it Down?
Sysops run around
Sharing a frown
With systems unsound
Bugs loose in town
Glitches being found
Developers to hound
Spongineers to astound
With the echoing sound
Of the buck passing round


aitch tee tee pee ess colon slash slash double-yew double-yew double-yew dot -- lukegb


Inside this nutshell
Our eventual fate
Statistics foretell:
The initial state

Crossing time’s oceans
Braving the currents
Revisiting all notions
Via Poincaré recurrence


putting a chicken on your head is important capability of api – wizjany

Sponge: The Epic - Part 66.058

Headlong into the update
It will be a bumpy ride
Grinch has stepped up to the plate
As mbaxt(Ore) stepped aside

Changes within gradle churning
Making the devs perspire
The engine room is burning
Our Sysops return the fire

Cybermaxke and Morpheus
Now help to bear the yoke
Joining the struggle to free us
From 1.12’s aged cloak


If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit.
There’s no point in being a damn fool about it. – W. C. Fields

Half Done

You should always find
The beginning of the end
Close to the middle


[inscrutable]: Tin vein in my base replaced polished andesite. Retrogen worked. Its like a disease.
[pdubs]: Its like…a …tinfection?

New For Old

Augmenting my settlement
An update with flair
The latest development
Walls made of … air?

Sign-writing and mending
Should not be so hard
Yet the world keeps on ending
When I try to spell FLARD

#471 – TLDR

The Blame Game

If a hacker caused the tracker
To expire in case of fire
Would this free the TNT
To be shameless and blameless?

When some thing is missing
It can’t be named or blamed
Giving pause assigning cause
In the wake of an update


[simon816]: +1
[Grinch]: -1 We must have balance


The rubber band extends
As the work intensifies
But everything depends
On when the packet flies

Eating of the endless cake
From an undiminished stack
Turn about and double take
The world is rolling back


[Riizu] – What is the opposite of a foot?
[BitByte] – The other foot.

Behind the Smallest Curtain

Everything was something
Before it was something else
Nothing is born of nothing
Leaving no empty shells

Chains of consequences
Lead from this to that
Holding no pretenses
Of why or where it’s at

Yet all things are uncertain
The quantum realm is foaming
Behind the smallest curtain
Virtual things are roaming


Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool,
a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor. -- Sholom Aleichem

New Skin

Complacence comes too easily
Each step more of the same
New eyes bring new ways to see
When we reskin the game

The outside world is dreary
With ugliness and calamity
It could appear more cheery
If we reskinned reality