Bardic Extrapolation (Rime of the Ancient Sponge)


“It’s only hubris if I fail” – Julius Caesar

Spongie Powered

The wonder that is Spongie
Brings joy to many a face
Spreading like xanthic fungi
Some spurn her squishy embrace

If you doubt the Spongy force
With which the threads are purled
There is cause to pause, because
Spongie always saves the world


"Never Stand Backwards!" - something a light bulb in a tree told me last Friday night

Caught in a Web

Consider the humble spider
Who dwells within her web
Digesting victims inside her
Waiting for hunger to ebb

Her prey become entangled
They get no chance to hide
The weaver won’t be wrangled
When she is six feet wide

This predator of nature
Subsists on bugs and flies
Considering her stature
We should also fear the skies