Basic permission nodes

Can someone please navigate me to the permission nodes list for sponge forge 1.8.9? i cannot seem to find any of the nodes that i need to setup mod and admin permissions such as /kick and /ban. I need the nodes for commands such as these, the whole list would be great. I know what i posted are normal in game commands, please i need the nodes.

Here’s the persmissions for Sponge:

I have both permissionsEX-Sponge and EssentialsCMDS 1.8.9-8.1.13-universal.jar
Every time i install Essentialscmds it breaks what i have setup with PEX already, all i need essentialscmds for is the prefix plugin portion, i have permissions for admin, mod, and default already setup with PEX and fully functional. But every time i install essentials cmds it breaks pex and doesnt let mod, admin, or default users do ANYTHING not evey break blocks, not even use /home and /spawn. completely broken. why is this?

That would be something to post to either the Essentials or PermissionsEx forum page