Block Monitor - A plugin that monitors what players do ingame and logs it!

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Block Monitor

Block monitor is similar to prism it monitors blocks placed in the world and other events

Top features


we also support ASYNC which means if multiple people place a item in inventorys at the same time they can all be saved at the same time by default this is up to 10 threads increasing this will allow more threads to be used but there is thread limit on most operating systems so be careful not to set this too high

Inventory tracking

we currently track items inserted into and removed from a inventory this includes modded inventorys

Full mod support

When using the /restorenear command we full support modded blocks and blocks with complex tile entitys this means when you restore blocks they will face the correct direction and for example if they contained energy will keep this energy

Real time support

We have a discord channel which you can get real time support in! as well as general chat


ATM we only have a very simple API setup but we plan to improve and expand this over time! allowing you to use this plugin and implement server specific features we arnt able to!


Any documentation for this plugin?

not yet will be working on that soon :slight_smile:

added some docs on the wiki page :slight_smile:

Link to docs:

That’s interesting !

What do you use as storage ? flat, mysql, sqlite, mongo ?

currently we only support H.2 but plan to include support for mysql and possibly mongodb later on

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Does it monitor what inside chest as well?

it monitors the insert/extraction of items so when a user places a item in a chest or removes a item from a chest

A new version has been released for Block Monitor, it is available for download here.

support for the UseItemStack event
fixed inventory tracking
general cleanup/fixes and a few optimisations thrown in for good measure

As soon as this can support MySQL I will definitely be switching to it from Prism as being able to track inventories is something that as an admin, I really miss being able to have. We have a dedicated MySQL database server running to provide MySQL databases for all the servers in our community so having that option is a must for us.

Also, I just looked at the documentation you have. The ability to specify a specific player’s actions and the time and radius for the rollback would be great. We use CoreProtect on our non-sponge servers and with CP, we can specify how long to roll something back to, what user, and the radius. For example, say playerx comes on and manages to grief multiple things around the world 12 hours ago, we can do /co rollback u:playerx t:12h r:global to rollback everything that player did for the last 12 hours across the entire map, or r:150 for everything that player did for the last 12 hours in a 150 block radius from where we run that command without affecting what other players have done during that time period. This player specific ability is really helpful when dealing with someone who may have been damaging player builds or stealing from other players chests as it allows us to undo the damage that player caused without undoing the work the good players have done since in that same area.

sry ive been away for a bit planning to add support for mysql within a week(hopefully a day or so)
flags and roll back will be expanded very soon no eta atm

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How about support got the 7 API?

support for API 7 will be added soon want to finnish the new internal system before i port it to API 7 although its quite possible it already works(haven’t tested though so at your own risk)

Next update is being worked on just taking longer then expected!

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Hi, any news here ?

working on it a bit slow atm rl is being disruptive unfortunatly

working on it being a bit slower then expected as real lifes being disruptive

whoops the first one didnt show ^,^

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We are all dreaming of the magic pill that would allow us to stay awake 20h without being tired :joy:

Keep it up, I can’t wait for the first batch !