Book based Menu GUI with Shop

So I have heard that chest based GUIs are kinda impossible at this point (however somebody correct me if I’m wrong). So I was wondering if it is possible to create a Book based GUI system where you can click text to bring you to certain commands or items.

I would love your feedback on this!


Chest based GUIs are technically possible, but the API to do so is largely undocumented. Meanwhile, yes, book GUIs are possible, but I feel like a chat GUI would be the smoothest.

You may be interested in my Chat UI, it’s similar to what you want with books but is in the chat area instead.

As a quick experiment I rendered the UI inside a book. Some of the code for rendering in chat can be generalised to render in other places. Maybe I could provide utilities for drawing in books too.


You sir are a genius! I am going to have to check out this plugin it seems very useful. I might have a few questions on some aspects of it and I dream big of the potential it has. Please keep me posted on anything related to adding book support.