📖 [Release] Picturebook 2.1.0 - In-game Text Variables

I’ve since moved everything over to Ore. I’ve left the original post below (with some modifications). Feel free to reply to this post, or to the Ore post/Ore Forum post.

Ore Post (Downloads, Documentation, etc.): https://ore-staging.spongepowered.org/Starza4TW/Picturebook

Ore Forum Post: Picturebook - Picturebook is a Sponge plugin that replaces variables within the game with defined replacements

[details=Old Post]Hello everyone! I am submitting Picturebook and hope you enjoy it!

Picturebook is a port of a plugin I had made for the Spigot API and is my first plugin written for the Sponge API! Picturebook acts as a way to filter configurable text variables in chat, commands, sign text, and item names (book text support coming soon™). Players can use Picturebook to easily implement color and styles into their messages, as a way to easily place Unicode symbols, and by servers to ban specific words.

For example:

turns into…

(The prefix, username, and suffix of course don’t change, only the message)

Variables can be configured by server administration through the use of the configuration file or through the use of in-game commands.

For chat, commands, and sign text, simply type the variable(s) in and Picturebook should automatically filter the message. It is up to a plugin’s individual author(s) to allow their commands to support colored/stylized text.

However, for item names, you must first rename the item in an anvil using variables and then do the command /pb format item.

Picturebook also adds native support for standard Minecraft formatting codes within chat and allows them to be used interchangeably with Picturebook variables.

I personally use GitLab as I find it has much better support for Issue Tracking amid some other things that Github would really profit from adding. You can sign into GitLab using a Github account if you would like to contribute.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, statements, or constructive criticism to leave me, please reply below or by PMing me. Thank you and enjoy Picturebook!


Hi guys!

I just uploaded version 2.1.0 of Picturebook. For those of you who have previously used Picturebook, you will need to migrate to a new configuration file as I updated the configuration manager.

You can now find everything about this plugin on its new Ore page, which is found in the description!

As always, message me if you have any question/comments/concerns!

This Plugin was just tested using the latest Sponge Build using API 5 and everything seemed to be working fine. As a side note: when testing the “remove” command, make sure you turn the commands filter module off, or else the command will not work! If you have any comments/concerns/issues, please message me and I’d be happy to help! Thank you to the reviewers and good luck to the other competitors!