Picturebook - Picturebook is a Sponge plugin that replaces variables within the game with defined replacements

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Note: Picturebook is part of the Summer 2016 Sponge Plugin Competition. Please visit it’s submission page at 📖 [Release] Picturebook 2.1.0 - In-game Text Variables

Picturebook is a port of a plugin I had made for the Spigot API and is my first plugin written for the Sponge API! Picturebook acts as a way to filter configurable text variables in chat, commands, sign text, and item names (book text support coming soon™). Players can use Picturebook to easily implement color and styles into their messages, as a way to easily place Unicode symbols, and by servers to ban specific words.

Variables can be configured by server administration through the use of the configuration file or through the use of in-game commands.

For chat, commands, and sign text, simply type the variable(s) in and Picturebook should automatically filter the message. It is up to a plugin’s individual author(s) to allow their commands to support colored/stylized text.

However, for item names, you must first rename the item in an anvil using variables and then do the command /pb format item.

Picturebook also adds native support for standard Minecraft formatting codes within chat and allows them to be used interchangeably with Picturebook variables.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, statements, or constructive criticism to leave me, please reply in the discussion thread or by PMing me. Thank you and enjoy Picturebook!

A new version has been released for Picturebook, it is available for download here.

Picturebook is a Sponge plugin that replaces variables within the game with defined replacements.

How about plugins defining own variables? Like a lottery plugin that exposes the pot to this plugin?

The more I think of it the cooler this idea sounds. Unfortunately, I am quite inexperienced at making “proper” API’s, if anyone would like to help me/point me in a certain direction, I would appreciate it.

I can also see some minor issues with things such as defining plugin’s variables, will have to think about how to resolve those issues.

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Just make a couple of methods that people can access somehow. It’s easy.