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Boop is a chat plugin that notifies you when you’re mentioned in chat. By default, if you typed “@pie_flavor” in a chat message, and I was on the server, it would make a ‘ping!’ noise and highlight “@pie_flavor” in yellow. If you typed “@staff”, it would ‘ping!’ all ops (or everyone who had the permission


prefix: This is the prefix that defines what is meant by ‘mention’. Defaults to “@”.
name{}: If recolor is true, then the instance of the mention (e.g. @pie_flavor) is colored with the color color. If color-all is true, then the instance of the mention is colored with the color alt-color for everyone who is not its target.
message{}: If recolor is true, then the entire message will be colored color.
sound{}: If play is true, then the sound sound will be played.
groups[]: Each string in here represents a group of people that can be mentioned. A person is in a group if they have the permission node<group_name>. If the group name contains dots, they are changed in the permission to be underscores.
title{}: If use is true, then text will be shown to the player as a subtitle when they are mentioned.
restricted[]: Anything in this list has restricted usage for mentioning; the permission boop.use.<boop_text> will be required to boop them. For example, you may have a group all, and all users have; if you restrict all, and only give boop.use.all to admins, only admins will be able to boop via @all.
aliases{}: Here, you can supply aliases for players. For example, if I gave myself an alias Owner on my server, players typing @Owner would boop me. This is recommended over groups for single players.
blacklisted-channels[]: A list of class names of channels to not replace with a BoopableChannel. e.g.$StaffChat


/sponge plugins reload is supported, reloading the entire config.


1.0.0: *uncontrollable dinging*
1.0.1: Changed the location of the config.
1.1.0: Added groups.
1.2.0: Added tab-completion for both players and groups; changed mentions to be case-insensitive.
1.3.0: Added restriction and subtitles.
1.3.1: Fixed bug where every message booped; changed ‘stay’ time of subtitle to 2 seconds.
1.4.0: Added colors for non-targets.
1.4.1: Fixed bug with config.
1.4.2: Fixed bug with colors.
1.4.3: Fixed bug with group permissions.
1.4.4: Fixed a bug with disappearing boops.
1.4.5: Fixed a bug with disappearing messages.
1.5.0: Added aliases and made the channel usable by plugins.
1.6.0: Added channel blacklists.


This plugin uses bStats, which collects data about your server. This data is in no way intrusive, is completely anonymized, and has a negligible impact on server performance, so there is no reason whatsoever to disable it. However, if you wish to anyway, simply set enabled to false in config/bStats/config.conf.


A new version has been released for Boop, it is available for download here.

Moved the config.

Permission request for an @staff?

Supported by a perm node? That’d be swell.

Sure, I’ll look into it.

A new version has been released for Boop, it is available for download here.

Added groups.

@toxxic boop

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Should have it so it does not need to be case-sensitive, eg, ‘Rasgnarok’ and ‘rasgnarok’ would work. Also could have an auto-complete function, speeding up the process. Already using this on my server, love it.

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A new version has been released for Boop, it is available for download here.

Added tab-completion for both players and groups.
Changed mentions to be case-insensitive.

@Rasgnarok done :slight_smile:

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Simple but awesome. Thanks for making this plugin!

Perfect, thanks so much.
When sponges API allows, do what discord does: https:

Obviously when the api allows, but this is still great for my server!

Sorry, but this isn’t possible. Sponge can’t interface with the client directly, and there’s no Minecraft packet that can signal that there should be a desktop notification.

This sounds familiar … :stuck_out_tongue:

Inspiration come from that script I sent?

And using that as a brilliantly subtle segue … managed to get to my last message to you? :slight_smile:

Auto-complete does not work for me. Was it tested/anyone else with the same issue?

I did in fact test auto-complete.

Auto-complete isn’t working unfortunately; same as name recolor (Edit: oops, it only shows color for the person who’s tagged). I’m on boop version 1.2.0, spongeforge 1879 and forge 2123.

The config is default.

message {
name {
sound {

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Name recolor is meant to only display on the screen of the person whose name was called. As for autocomplete, I’ll look into that.

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Ya, auto complete only works in console for me.

Any update on this? Just love the plugin and would be cool if the auto-complete feature works.

I just don’t get it. It works for me. You’re typing an @ sign, and the first few letters of a username, and hitting tab, and it doesn’t extend to their full username?

Yes, for example I want to tag pie_flavor, I’ll do @pi(press tab) and it won’t work.

Currently on Spongeforge 1879 if that makes a difference.