Bug with feed the beast


All is in the title :wink:


Looks like Sponge is not being loaded first; it needs to be. Try renaming the Sponge JAR file so that comes before any other mod file alphabetically.

Rename don’t work

What did you rename it to?

aaasponge.jar it’s good ? Beacause it’s not working

First thing in the preview says that you have an environment variable setting the max RAM to 512 MB, try removing that

Okay two things, disable foam fix and disable applied energistics and see if it loads.

Foamfix is the bug :o

Awesome, so it’s fixed now?

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you need more ram it runs out of memory, like they said up there, mod packs generally require a bit.

I have 16go ram :o

Try -Xmx8G instead, then make sure you have a 64-bit OS and the 64-bit version of Java


Yes 64Bits OS
And yes 64-bit of java version :confused:

You either don’t have 8GB of RAM or you don’t have that much free as other programs are using it

Guy, i have 16 GO Ram,
And core i7 -_-

Well your OS is unable to allocate 8GB for Java for 1 of 2 reasons

  1. Programs running are taking up more than 8GB, leaving you with less than 8GB of free RAM

  2. You are running a 32-bit version of Java and therefore cannot allocate more than 1536MB (1.5GB) of RAM

From the previous screenshot 2 is the most likely as it says that 8G exceeds the maximum, run java -version in command prompt and post a screenshot or the log of tue output