Bukkit, Forge, and Sponge - Looking into the Future

Is it still planned that eventually craftbukkit plugins and forge mods will be able to work together natively on a sponge server or was that just a hope that may not be realized?

Bukkit plugins are dead, well, will be if not already.

Using the Sponge (mod) for Forge, Sponge plugins and Forge mods will be able to run on the same server.


They are not already dead but I see what you mean. I just don’t like the idea of having to remake everything I had well established and created over there LOL. Also, spigot is now keeping bukkit alive and updating it to newer versions. Craftbukkit (as well as bukkit [the api] )1.8.3 is now out through spigot so it isn’t really near dead so to speak.

Are any big name bukkit plugins making the switch (or have already)?

Here is the plugins to be ported thread:

Plugins can/will be ported, but it’s at the behest of the original developer or someone that wants to port the sourcecode themselves.

The other option is using Pore, which is designed to be a compatibility layer for Bukkit plugins to work with the SpongeAPI. However, this is still WIP and you can’t trust it to work 100% of the time. The other thing is that plugins that make use of NMS/OBC (directly interacting with minecraft’s internals) will not work with Pore.


Do you figure that pore will eventually be fully compatible? And I am a developer interested in porting my own plugins over haha. The issue is that I am not sure if any of the plugins my server uses (other than my own) will be ported/work. I will have to look into pore asap.

If you get good at porting plugins, and the author of the plugin allows it you could port them too.

But the reality of the situation is a lot of the large common plugins for bukkit are actually craftbukkit mods, hooking into craftbukkit/minecraft internals which need to be updated every version update.

This code would also have to be translated over to sponge, and would never be compatible with pore.

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Darn. Well, it least spigot is keeping craftbukkit up to date now :smile: I will look into figuring it out etc when I get the chance.

I would take this chance to make sure your plugins are awesome. I always thought Bukkit’s API sucked so I never really made anything.


Fair enough, I thought the API was alright, not the best (you could do more with forge) but adequate. I quite liked how you did not need a modded server to join a craftbukkit server as well as the idea of plugins etc and the bukkit community is a vast resource for plugins.

I know absolutely nothing about programming but this thread literally made me excited, i really hope that some day sponge won’t be a mod, but a .jar file like bukkit, and that it will have a better way to import plugins, since mods are quite laggy with other mods. Maybe someone could mix forge, sponge and bukkit together. Maybe bukkitplugins would be able to run on sponge’s code or something, i mean, bukkit can handle the plugins, why can’t sponge too, then? Anyways, i am looking into sponge being the new bukkit, but with mods too :sunny: :smiley:

Already being worked on, its called SpongeVanilla.

Whats the problem with the current way? Mods with other mods isn’t a good reason.

There’s a third-party plugin being worked on that aims to be able to allow Bukkit plugins to run on Sponge. That plugin can be found here: **Discontinued** Pore - A Bukkit-Sponge Bridge


It’s worth mentioning that sponge doesn’t officially support bukkit plugins.


To be sure, it’s not quite that simple. Bukkit and SpongeAPI are completely different APIs, so it’s a little tricky to map them together sometimes. It’s coming along, just…slowly.


Thank you for the answer :slight_smile: