Bungeecord set-up with Sponge?

Okay, so here’s the deal:

I am currently running a two-server setup with Bungeecord as a proxy. Our main server is a 1.7.10 Spigot server and our secondary server is a 1.7.10 Cauldron server. Now, I’ve understood that Bungeecord will be compatible with servers using Sponge, I just wanted to reaffirm that Sponge will support pass-through IPs (aka finding the true IP of the player connecting via Bungee) and UUID stability? (This is one of my main concerns)

Secondly, I would like someone to clarify me how I would go about replicating this set-up in 1.8 with Sponge. In other words, what do I need to do, in concrete terms, to replicate a Spigot server’s performance improvements and tools as well as the ability to run plugins? How about a Cauldron Server, which also utilizes Forge? Do I just have to wait for the respective projects (Spgiot & Cauldron) to update to 1.8 or what?

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I am not sure but if you configure the ‘payload’ in the config file for bungeecord, you shouldn’t have to wait for cauldrin to update to 1.8

So far I know, forge will change the login procedure so Forge(/sponge) servers can use bungeecoord. I wouldn’t worry to much about it

Bungeecord will need to be remade for either forge or sponge to work.

I believe Bungeecord already supports forge.

Other way around (and there was a special branch for forge). Either way it required a bukkit plugin not a forge mod to work so it will need to be remade

So to clarify further, BungeeCord will have to be remade to support Sponge?

Yes or a custom branch of sponge made for BungeeCord, although we might get away with a sponge plugin for BungeeCord (but that may be more work anyway).

There are so many posts about BungeeCord now - and they all seem to say different things. Here is where I see things at the moment, as the guy who wrote much of the Forge specific code in Bungee and fixing bugs that are appearing.

First, and perhaps most important - you should not be asking whether Sponge will be compatible with Bungee, but whether Forge will be compatible with Bungee.

As it stands, Forge 1.7 and Bungee do work together unless custom packets are involved (but PluginMessage packets should be used instead that anyway). Depending on the changes in the Forge Mod Loader for 1.8, Bungee may stop being compatible, but as we know how the handshake fundamentally works now, and that we have a framework in place, updating to support the new handshake will hopefully not be that difficult. Indeed, if Forge will support Vanilla clients, then Bungee can just act as a vanilla client, and that should “just work”.

To answer specific points:

Bungeecord will need to be remade for either forge or sponge to work.

As I said above, there will probably have to be some work done so that it’ll work with 1.8, yes, but nowhere nearly as much as there was when blood and I worked on it. It certainly won’t need to be “remade” though.

Either way it required a bukkit plugin not a forge mod to work so it will need to be remade

BungeeCord doesn’t need any plugins to work. It might need a core mod on Sponge’s side if you want to support IP passthrough though, using ASM or something like that to inject the relavent code into the relavent packet handler. I may give that a go closer to the time if time permits.

So to clarify further, BungeeCord will have to be remade to support Sponge?

Remade is the definately wrong word. Modified. And, to be honest, really the question you should be asking is “what do we need to do with Bungee to support Forge/FML 1.8?”

If you have any more questions about BungeeCord and Forge, then feel free to ask me.

Forge already supports Bungee Cord

:confused: Euh? On my Server (that uses a 1.5.2 bungee with 1.4.7 protocol (I know its confusing)). Vanilla clients can join on the lobby server. That is a Forge server with the NBT Edit mod. It doesn’t have a problem with it. Also counts for 1.6.4 forge. I don’t know if this is the same for 1.7.10 (or 1.8) but I suppose it will.

Its weird. FML had what was needed implemented but bungee cord on its own still needed bukkit support hence the need for porting it

I’m not sure what you mean here. Yes, FML had what was needed implemented (again, thanks to blood and cpw), but I don’t understand what you mean by bukkit support. Bungee doesn’t need Bukkit to run at all and never has done, it ran with Vanilla just fine even before we started messing with it to allow FML to work with it.

Are you refering to the IP forwarding that everyone asks about? That’s not a Bukkit plugin, that’s a change made by Spigot and Cauldron that allows the IP address and authentication information to be forwarded onto the servers behind the proxy. You don’t need that, but it’s recommended. That would have to be a Forge core mod to add support for that, I expect.

I wonder if you are referring to PluginMessages and the message channels - that is, the way plugins could send messages to Bungee. PluginMessage packets are a Mojang thing and exist in vanilla Minecraft (and thus, Forge), Bukkit just put an API on top of it, and I expect Sponge will put an API on top of it too. Forge mods could easily do the same.

So, just to clarify, there is absolutely no dependency on Bukkit - BungeeCord will not need to be remade, possibly only tweaked to support any changes to the FML handshake (which I should really look at, I think Lex has actually finished the FML support for 1.8). The question is, how to get Forge/Sponge to support IP forwarding - and I expect that will be a separate core mod for server side Forge.

Don’t worry about me I just didn’t have any idea about what I was talking about.

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Haha, no worries. I hope it cleared up the confusion though!

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