Hello there!

I run my own network of servers using bungeecord, so im not exacly sure where to put this, if it is a plugin or not.
Do you think BungeeCord should be “ported” over? as on Chat, Portals, Warps, Bans etc?

your opinion?

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If it’s useful for people, I don’t see why not.

Any BungeeCord plugins that you install on BungeeCord itself (rather than a server) won’t need to be ported at all and should just work. It’s just the plugins that you installed on the server that’ll need porting.


BungeeCord support is already planned and supported.

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Thats good news!, thnx for clearing it for me^^,

Will be good to see BungeeCord. :slight_smile:

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If you are interested in more on the subject, this forum topic explains where we are with Bungee - I’ve gone into a bit of depth as to what has been done prior to Sponge to get Bungee to work with Forge. Essentially, Bungee WILL work with Sponge once a PR by blood and I has been accepted by the Bungee team.