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What is Buycraft, and why does my Minecraft server need it?

Buycraft has been running for over 5 years supporting over 500,000 Minecraft servers and is the most reliable and feature rich service available.

Buycraft is a webstore platform for funding your Minecraft community, it provides you with an ecommerce platform to sell in game ranks or other cosmetic features to your players.

How will my players use Buycraft?

After you have created a Buycraft account you can edit your own online webstore which your players can browse and find the packages you have created. They can also browse the same store on the in game GUI by typing the command “/buy”.

What can I sell to my users, and how?

Buycraft enables you to sell any command that you can execute in the server console to your users. When a player purchases a package, it is automatically processed on your server and player will receive the items/permissions you have added in your package.

Which platforms do you support?

Buycraft is compatible with Sponge, Spigot, Bukkit, Nukkit, PocketMine and BungeeCord. You can download the latest version of the Sponge plugin from the link above!

Our main features:

  • Advanced webstore and control panel
  • Customise your webstore with theme and template editors
  • We support receiving funds via Paypal, Stripe, Paymentwall, 2Checkout, Paygol and others
  • Advanced chargeback prevention system
  • Detailed statistics to help you with improving the sales of your store
  • Sales for single, multiple and storewide purchases
  • Discounts
  • Multiple webstores on your account
  • Team accounts and permissions for your other team members
  • And many more…

Create your Buycraft account in under 60 seconds to help you fund your community today.

Buycraft has been our store solution since day one, and it’s only got better over time. Clean intuitive interface, easily customisable front-end and unprecedented uptime. We’re very happy bees! - Matt / HiveMc

Buycraft is an essential component of almost any Minecraft server. As the world’s largest Minecraft host, we’ve found that Buycraft has helped our clients to not only pay server bills, but to expand their servers as well. - Matt / McProHosting

Buycraft has been a reliable payment processor for over two years. It’s very easy to use and is so customizable that it can be used even on the most abstract servers and concepts. - Colin / Minetime

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i love bosshop`


Plugin update: BuycraftX v10.2.2

* Fixed the plugin leak issue
* Performance improvements
* Various bug fixes



Does this plugin support Minecraft 1.11.2? If not when are you guys expected to release this game version for Sponge?

Thank you very much in advance.


We support 1.11.2 on all of the BuycraftX including our newest version of the plugin!


Plugin update: BuycraftX v10.3.0


  • Refined coupon checking to check every 20 minutes and when the list command is executed
  • Additional Exception handler on get() to prevent uncaught Exceptions added try…catch on JSON parsing
  • Updated info command to show domain
  • Fixed version checker
  • Fixed bug where package checks do not automatically start after the server secret is provided
  • Added Payment signs support for Sponge


Awesome! Thank you for the information. I will keep this in mind. :slight_smile:

Help with plugin porting

/buy does not work with latest 1.12.2 Sponge.


I can confirm, using the latest ‘stable’ for production - SF 2800


It seems someone has opened a PR to fix some of the latest issues -


Anyone know if this plugin also includes a player name validation endpoint? If not: any recommendations?


I’m not sure what you mean by that? We have a few ways that we verify players, in-game or via Mojang’s API depending on the gametype you are using on your webstore though.


Plugin update: BuycraftX v10.4.0


  • Support for Sponge 1.12.2+
  • Updated error messages
  • Various bug fixes


Hello ! I have an issue with the coupon command ! I got this error (but the purchase command work):

Thanks for the help ^^’


We’ve not seen any errors on our side recently that would have caused this, if you send us a report file and the time this happened then we can double check for you but the first thing to check is that the secret key is correct if this is continuing to happen for you.


Sorry it’s okay everything work now!