Calling all artists! Help design the Ore logo

We’ve made a lot of progress with Ore in the last few months and it has reached a point where it’s time to start make it look pretty! So, not being an artist myself, I am turning to the community to solicit your help to design the Ore logo / header graphic. The selected graphic will be displayed prominently above the project table on Ore.

Currently there is a welcome message / placeholder above the main content on the main page.

This was always intended to be replaced with something better looking. I’m excited to see what people come up with!


:wink: since the forum is named spongepowered why not going in with the first part off the name?

I am no artist myself, but I believe if you are to stick with the name “Ore”, which is pretty good actually, I feel like the general shape/look of a Minecraft orecombined with the look of a Minecraft sponge could be a good solution. Not exactly sure how it would look and it may be complicated, but it should at least be loosely related to the Minecraft ores. It also should be more slick and modern due to the current feel of Ore and the rest of the SpongePowered websites.

From the category of inspiration that’s unusable due to using Mojang assets:

sponge ore


Much uglier than I thought, but maybe the idea could be translated into a more modern, flat looking version somehow independent of Mojang assets. As a real life ore is rather oddly shaped and non-uniform it may be better to look towards something otherwise related to mining ores which would be easier to create as a logo, such as a mining cart, a pickaxe, a mining machine, or even a gem despite it looking dissimilar to an ore.

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EDIT: Put a little more effort into this one. Anyways yeah that’s my two cents

Maybe for an icon?


I think that turned out very well. Not only does it match the Sponge theme, but it is also modern and fits the ore theme very nicely without using Mojang assets. Nice job.

Thanks. The powers of boredom and GIMP.

Also @mbaxter your inspiration is much appreciated

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haha this thread brings back the memories…


I want to point out that Ore cannot have any Mojang assets or deviations.


Zidane asked me to come here, uhh hi.

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I actually like the 2nd draft you posted and decided to adjust it a bit to make it look like our Sponge logo:

^ all credit for this goes to @Deep_Undernet!


Good, but looks like regular rock. Maybe add inclusions? I have no idea how, though.

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I really like those last two

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Good job . It looks more pro. like this :raised_hands:


Looks like we have a winner…

Congrats! :wink:


Was literally just about to post. Thanks a lot @Deep_Undernet you’re freakin’ awesome!


Just saying, the chosen logo is awesome !