CatClearLag - A plugin to assist in removing lag from your server

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A recreation of clearlag for the SpongeAPI.
Tested on both api 5 and 6.



/re <hostiles|all|living|xp> - Remove various types of entities.
/forcegc - Request garbage collection.
/laggychunks <tiles|entities> - Find the chunks with the most entities or tiles.
/unloadchunks - Unload all chunks.
/clwhitelist - Add an item to the item whitelist.


catclearlag.command.removehostile - Use /re host.
catclearlag.command.removeentities - Use /re.
catclearlag.command.removeall - Use /re a.
catclearlag.command.removegitems - Use /re items.
catclearlag.command.forcegc - Use /forcegc.
catclearlag.command.laggychunks - Use /laggychunks.
catclearlag.command.unloadchunks - Use /unloadchunks.
catclearlag.command.whitelistitem - Use /clwhitelist.


  • Halt all server activity.

A new version has been released for CatClearLag, it is available for download here.

  • updated for api 7

A new version has been released for CatClearLag, it is available for download here.

Fixes a few bugs.

Thank you very much for your work!

Whitelist don’t work in API7
deleting all items: diamond, diamond_block and beacon

Hi, could you check the github issues about hostile removals please ? (xp orbs)
Thanks, have a nice day !

A new version has been released for CatClearLag, it is available for download here.

  • Fixes entity whitelist
  • Fixes NPE during XP Orb check
  • Fixes a bunch of other stuff

It seems that it ignores shulkerboxes that are whitelisted and clears them anyway whether they have items inside or not. The other items in the list are fine.


A new version has been released for CatClearLag, it is available for download here.

  • The remove command is now flags instead of subcommands, use /re to find out what all the different flags do.
  • If the warning message if over 60 seconds, it will now print a new minutes message instead.
  • /cwl should work better, but it is still recommended to edit the config.
  • Items like AE2 seeds should be whitelistable now.
  • Lots of internal reworking.
  • There is also a new section of the config called live time, which is the amount of seconds an entity has to be on the ground before it gets removed. This only applied to items dropped by players, any other items will be removed as normal.
  • You can now set the removal interval to -1 to disable it.
  • Redo the messages config to make it easier to edit.

Hey could you check your code, when it goes to clear thing, inside the chat box in stead of say [Clear Lag] {count} Items have been cleared. It will say something like this instead:

{color=dark_purple, extra=[{text=[ClearLag] }], text=}{closeArg=}, content={extra=[{text=[ClearLag] }, {color=white, text={count}}, {text= items have been cleared.}], color=red, text=}, openArg={, arguments={count={optional=false}}, options={closeArg=}, openArg={}}

Just thought i would let you know.

Does this remove items automatically or do you have to type it in manually every time? I’ve seen some servers where it says “clearing items on ground in 1 minute” and does it all automatic.

What would be the best method for disabling the in game ground clear warnings?

I use sponge forge for 2 reasons.

  1. More options for server performance.
  2. To be able to use your CatClearLag plugin.

Now my question is how can I stop players on my server to access your plugin commands?

Thanks for the awesome Plugin!

Your players can’t use the plugin commands if you don’t give them the permission nodes.

You have obviously not used sponge forge before…

It appears you havent lmao
I know Snow has, and I have as well. Means you have given your players op perms and thats why they can use the commands
Or your permissions plugin is setup wrong

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Using a forge permission mod. Because no sponge permission plugin sees any forge mod perms.
I read that sponge plugins perms can be written to be seen in forge.
That is were I was going with my conversation.

What permission mod are you using? Maybe the group can,help resolve your issue if more information is given

Use LuckPerms it can detect forge perms.

Hi, if i change Interval config to 30, then i have warning message appear 9 minutes 30 secondes later. I suppose your mod don’t use Interval config and is only on 10 minutes.
Same problem with message?cfg nothing on it is use by your mod. I’m french and i change text on it but nothing change whatever i put.