Chat Manager v0.4.14


Replaced by the following projects:

Simple Tags
Simple Chat

Chat Manager

I’ll try to keep this updated, but no promises. This is a work in progress but for the most part eveything is functional. Its Alpha so accept the possibility of things blowing up in your face. Suggestions welcome.

Requires Permissions plugin to work correctly.

:open_file_folder: Downloads

Release:Download Here

:package: Features:

  • Chat prefixes
  • List item
  • Private messages
  • Mail
  • Auto broadcasts
  • Chat channels
  • Player editable tags
  • Per world chat
  • Player range chat

:wrench: Permissions

  • SpongeChat.cmd - Admin node. Access to all commands.
  •[channel] - Admin node. Access to all kits.
  •[group] - Admin node. Access to all kits.
  • SpongeChat.cmd.broadcast - Access to /broadcast
  • - Access to /channel
  • - Access to /global
  • SpongeChat.cmd.mail - Access to /mail
  • SpongeChat.cmd.message - Access to /message
  • SpongeChat.cmd.tag - Access to /tag

:hammer: Commands

/broadcast -or- /b
/channel -or- /ch
/global -or- /gl
/mail -or /m
/mail send
/mail open
/mail delete
/message -or- /msg
/say -or- /s
/tag -or- /t
/tag player
/tag group
/tag channel
/tag server
/tag broadcast
/chat -or- /cm
/cm channel
/cm group
/cm broadcast
/cm enable
/cm disable

I suggest renaming this Plugin as all official Sponge project resources are named SpongeX. Doing this will surely avoid confusion wether this is an official plugin or not in the future :smile:


Would you be interested in bringing in an assistant? I would love to join the project if you’re interested :smile:

I realize this isn’t bukkit, however plenty of people wrote projects with bukkit e.g “BukkitColors, BukkitChat, Bukkit etc”

If he’s concerned he can get permission from a staff member, but I doubt the name will be an issue.