City [Claim]

City is a plugin very inspired by Towny.

City provide the possibility to buy cities and manage it.


  • Cities
    Players can buy cities
    Players can buy private cities
    Players can claim chunks for a city by using money (need to be hooked with the city)
    Players can claim outpost chunks for a city by using (more) money :stuck_out_tongue:
    Players can buy a specific chunk inside a city
    Max chunks per cities is defined by the number of residents
    Cities pay taxes based on claim number (daily) and are destroyed if they can’t pay
    A city has its own bank account
    Mayor can set tax for player (daily)
    Players can be removed if they don’t pay tax (specific for each city with a mayor perm)
    Most of the config and local perms can be set ingame by clicking on text :wink:
    Residents can be teleported to their city
    Cities can have custom names in chat
    Admins can set no mayor with /ca command. This city can become an admin city and don’t pay tax.
    Players can display dynamic city map with /c citymap

  • City world
    Administrators can toggle permission on an entire world

  • Chunk
    When a chunk is claimed by a city, mayor and assistant can sell them to residents.
    When a player buys a chunk he can toggle perms on it.

  • Private Cities
    Are less expansive than normal cities. Are like cities but players can’t invite other players inside.

  • Internal permission types
    Use Item (Protect NPC, Horses, Healer (pixelmonmod) and more)
    Interact entity
    Natural Spawn

  • Internal permission user
    Resident (of the town)
    Outsider (Someone who does not belong to the city)
    Empire (Someone who belongs to the empire) (coming soon)

  • Internal permission feature
    The owner of a city is a mayor
    Mayor can nominate assistants
    Mayor and assistants can modify perms on the entire city
    Players can modify perms on their own chunks
    Administrators can modify perms on the entire world

  • Special features
    This plugin is dev for support pixelmonmod.
    Fossil cleaner glitch fixed!


  • /city /c

-create (Perm : city.create )
-createprivate (Perm : city.createprivate)
-invite (Perm : city.invite )
-join (Perm : city.join )
-setcustomname (Perm : city.setcustomname )
-settax (Perm : city.settax)
-setteleport (Perm : city.setteleport )
-teleport (Perm : city.teleport )

  • /citychunk /cc


  • /cityworld /cw (Perm : city.cityworld)

  • /cityadmin /ca (Perm : city.cityadmin)
    -setmayor [city] [player/none]
    -setbonusclaim [cityName] [bonusClaim] (bonus claim can be negative)
    -addbonusclaim [cityName] [bonusClaim] (bonus claim can be negative)



“lastTaxCheck”: 11,
“chunkPerPlayer”: 5,
“chunkDailyCostBase”: 10.0,
“chunkClaimCost”: 500.0,
“outpostClaimCost”: 20000.0,
“cityCreateCost”: 30000.0,
“cityChunkseparator”: 10,
“cityNameLenght”: 20,
“customCityNameLenght”: 3,
“maxPlayerTaxOnCity”: 9999,
“defaultPlayerTaxOnCity”: 25,
“teleportCityCooldownInSeconds”: 60,
“cityNameInChat”: true,
“antiSpamAdvertMessageInMs”: 1000,
“disableCollideMessage”: true,
“dissociatePixelmonEntityFromCreatureSpawn”: true,
“allowBreeding”: false,
“serverOverridePerm”: {
“interactEntityLiving”: {
“forceThisPermOnServer”: false,
“valueOfPerm”: true
“pvp”: {
“forceThisPermOnServer”: false,
“valueOfPerm”: false
“spawnCreature”: {
“forceThisPermOnServer”: false,
“valueOfPerm”: false
“naturalSpawn”: {
“forceThisPermOnServer”: true,
“valueOfPerm”: false
“spawnMob”: {
“forceThisPermOnServer”: false,
“valueOfPerm”: false

Please never modify “lastTaxCheck”. Tax are checked when a player join the server and when it’s a new day !


  • Polis (verry beta import)
    -You need to have no City of City plugin to use this command
    -Use /ca importpolis
    -Stop server
    -Remove Polis
    -Start server

City will be create at the same place as old Polis claim.
Resident could be empty, just ask to mayors to add them.
The most import is are the claims :wink: If you have bugs on this features, please make a bug report.




City work now with dynmap ! Special thanks to towny dynmap.


/c citymap demo


:warning:This plugin still in beta
Do not hesitate to report bugs or give me idea here



  • I’m french, so sorry for spelling mistakes, i havent a really good level :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Skype support: quequierebego
  • For bugs use Bitbucket tracker please.
  • You want to make a tutorial video for this plugin ? Add me on skype :slight_smile:
  • You want to correct this presentation ? Add me too.

Dev for



This plugin sounds promising
Is it available on github?

Available on bitbucket

Looks really good so far! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to use it.

New feature (beta !)
Now you can import all claims and all city from Polis plugin ! (read import for more info)

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Correct glitch that permite to get apricorn tree berry (pixelmonmod)
Now tile entity are protected with useItem perm ( like healer for pixelmonmod, or tile entity without inventories)
Now EntityLiving are protected with useItem (like EntityNpc, horses …)
Added /ca setmayor city player for admin
Now city can be admin cities and don’t pay tax
Corrected display command

This a plugins that’s mostly like towny awsome

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New command : /ca setbonusclaim [cityName] [bonusClaim]
Give bonus plot, usefull for admin cities.
bonus claim can be negative

Corrected bug while resident try to buy plot in a city
Added dynamic map with /c citymap

–> demo of citymap

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what in the

this is a really cool plugin

Corrected fatal error on direction change :wink:

Can you make this work with JourneyMap some how?

Nothing is impossible :stuck_out_tongue:
Add this idea on quequiere / City / issues — Bitbucket I’ll work on it later np :slight_smile:

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-Spam message removed ( it was for a debug test)

NEW ! Now cities using the UUID system for their bank.
You need to manualy delete all account, cause this can make a bug with nucleus. And transfert manualy the money.

Corrected EAST et WEST inverted

Added antispam perm notification, see config file for more information ( 1000 ms ==> 1second by default)

Admin can bypass all perm with the command /ca adminbypass

Worlds are BUILD, DESTROY, SWITCH and ITEM USE by default now

Added as contributors @tenten8401
==> corrected my english :stuck_out_tongue: ty

City name change ?

Fatal bug corrected, please update to 0.1.28

Added /ca addbonusclaim command
A new config to disable collide message
Separate item pickum from collide

Really big push of city.
Economic account of city could be reset, added more commands and more possibilities, see bitbucket for more info