[CLOSED] codeHusky - Competitively Priced Husky Plugins! [Pixelmon] [Emergency Fixes]

Commissions: Closed

I will now do Pixelmon-Specific plugins, but please keep in mind that I will not work with “compiled sourcecode” with Pixelmon. Please send me the original sourcecode, or else I can’t help.


I’m a multi-language developer with about roughly 4-5 years of experience with Java and around 6 years of programming experience in general. I’ve made quite a lot of things in that time, most of which are private at the moment but that might change in the future.
Basically, since I really have nothing better to do than code after school and activities and such, I’m going to try to take commissions for plugins of whatever type, for whatever purpose. Hopefully I’ll find a few people interested! :slight_smile:

Public Experience

I’ve spent a lot of time working with Sponge and making plugins.

In the past, I made the plugin Spongy which I quickly lost interest in working on because of huge, constant API changes at the time. The API (afaik) has stabilized enough where I can actually have some interest in working on projects with it.

I also implemented something rather basic but tons of fun to screw around with called BetterBoom which does some fun things with explosion physics. Planning on updating that in the future!

I made this in about an hour because someone wanted it in the forums. NightShift

I also made another plugin that does security type stuff for Sponge servers in approx 8 or 9 hours for the initial release. Make sure to take a peek for yourself! ServerDefender

I’ve spent a lot of my time working on HuskyCrates, a plugin used by hundreds if not thousands of servers, provided for free. Fixes come fast for big issues, as well.

GitHub Profile

I have some random crap on my profile here that you could take a look at. I’m uninspired as hell, as you may be able to tell by the sparseness of actual development.


I tend to charge from $15/hr to $20/hr, but I’m a rather fast worker when I have time and focus. I won’t overcharge you for plugins, and if you wish to see some kind of “proof” that I spent the time I said I spent on your plugin, please request for that before I start development. I do not have performance monitoring software on my IDE, so I personally will not know how long I spent working on your plugin besides a simple stopwatch.

Occasionally for bigger projects, I will charge a fixed rate which tends to be when things start costing ~$100 at an hourly rate. This price is purely an estimate and is subject to change.

Emergency Fixes
For emergency fixes, the pricing depends on how soon you need it and how soon I’d have freetime to do it. If you need it now, I can usually make that happen, however if it requires carving time out of my schedule, I may charge double or triple hourly (we will discuss this prior). Make good use of your time if it’s important.

All prices and estimates I give at the beginning of work are subject to change and I will do my best to notify you when things change or if things are taking longer than expected. If you cannot pay the additional amount, we will have to work to a compromise. Please expect to pay the full estimate price at the completion of the plugin. If you do not have the funds to do so, you must still pay me in full eventually.


Plugins and projects will not be publicly released on my GitHub unless I desire to do so under your permission. At the time of receiving payment to my PayPal or other digital wallet, you have permission to use your plugin in any way and modify it as you like, as long as you follow these conditions…

You are not allowed to…

  • Resell any plugins you commission from me without written permission and a profit sharing agreement agreed upon by both of us
  • Post my code on a public website for free public use without crediting me or without my permission
  • Post my plugin anywhere as your own work.
  • Remove any credit code, commenting or noting I put into the plugin by any means, even with another developer. This includes, but is not limited to, the plugin ID, author info in mcmod.info and other comments in code.

You may…

  • Send copies of your commission to your friend, coworkers, or others without exchange of payment in any way, shape or form. This still excludes public publishing of a download link to the plugin jar file. Sharing must be person to person.
  • Commission other developers to make modifications to my plugin for any reason as long as they agree to these same terms.
  • Use this plugin on any SpongeForge, SpongeVanilla or any future spin-off of Sponge Minecraft server.

That’s kinda scary sounding, isn’t it? There’s a reason for that, though. These terms are in place to protect me as a developer from having my reputation tarnished or from poor practices from server owners. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you, it’s that simple. Most people won’t and shouldn’t really have to worry about these terms. I won’t go out of my way to make sure you’re following them, but if you stir up some issues I’ll make sure to check here. :slight_smile:

:shopping_cart: Commission Link

Click here for the submission form for commissions!


This post is strictly for advertising purposes. Discussion of specific commissions, or other paid development work is prohibited. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.

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Fixed my plugin in less than an hour! Highly recommend him for more work. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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please contact me on the forums or teamspeak : ts.royalphoenix.xyz

Can you please contact me by forums and please private message me your discord name thanks you i would like to work with you

Vouch! Very awesome guy to work with and does his job fast.

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need some work done if you could msg me to exchange information

How much would a drop party type plugin cost?

PM me details as to what you’d want in particular

Hello! I’m interested in getting some plugins made.
Please add me on skype at: Aust.overaitis

Could everyone please hang on for a couple of days, out.of town rn

Bump for my previous post

Did ya die man? Been almost a month!

Sorry. Stuff is just kinda busy around here. I might be able to do some work in the coming month though :slight_smile:

I’ve got a couple more weeks of classes and I’ll be entirely free for most of the summer. Hopefully I’ll have the equipment to work on my projects outside of my home soon, but we’ll see.

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Hey are you available for some small forge mod updating? need a few sidemods updated.

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I’ll be available once again in a week or two here. Almost done with clases :balloon:

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Hey would love to work with you when you’re free.

Discord: Trixten#0020

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I’ll be getting back to as many of you as I can around the end of next week.

Sorry about the delay. I’m free now. Check out the form link.

Currently open for commissions again!

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