[Closed] Sponge Sadness

Hi guys :frowning: I am very very sad, cause I am trying to make a Cauldron server, but even when I am using a 1 GB server, i can only have very few plugins and 3-4 small Mods running, so I was thinking Sponge might help a little bit, but I noticed Sponge is for hackers or super smart people, and I am none of both…

My server has 3 months left of life, so we tried to make it Plugin/Modded, but I think we will have to give it up.

Note: This is not a complain, I am just telling my story related to Sponge.

Sponge is still in development and currently there’s no download available. If you want to run a modded server you have to use Spout, Cauldron or Bukkit until Sponge is finally released.

Sorry that we can’t help you just yet :smile:

You need at least 3 GB to get a decent (moded) server running. If sponge gets released I don’t see a way that would change.

1 GB of RAM isn’t going to go very far, even with a Bukkit or Spigot server. 1 GB is more suited for vanilla with a handful of players on at a time.

Well I am poor. Sorry :frowning:

Should work with 1 GB

3-4, easy peasy, u can run more mods than that (I know from experience)

Well, each time I try to add more the server sends me the ‘java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space’ error, but I used to have lot of mods in Forge server. We had like 46 running nice. Just that Cauldron do not resist more than 3-4 with the plugins.

Add these arguments to your startup script:

-XX:PermSize=64M -XX:MaxPermSize=128M

change accordingly.

Note: You don’t need to get carried away with the size on these. 128M should be plenty

I read about that before, but I don’t know where is that thing, I am using a Multicraft server. Also, I asked the hosting site workers about it and they told me to pay for ‘Plugin and Mod installation’ services (It costs 5 dollars a month) and I cant pay for that.

WTF. Who are you with?

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Think you need to find a new hosting provider unfortunately…

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They are the cheapest ever in life u.u I can’t pay anything else, it cost me 74 dollars for a whole year.

Well, you’d do that in the run command. But I assume you don’t have FTP acces / access to those things?

Nope :frowning: I can only modify my server properties and modify it, but I don’t have access to internal server configurations.

That is pretty cheap but you usually get what you pay for. For $6 a month, they most likely have everything locked down. If they’re not going to help without charging you, then I guess you’ll have to live with what you got. Without increasing the PermGen allocation, you’ll continue to run into that error.

Then there isn’t really anything you can do :frowning:

If you pay $10 a month or more, I’d recommend checking out digitalocean.com and setting up a VPS (Yes that is a promo link, but u can $10 for free from it) then putting something like MineOS on that server.(I’m free to help out with the setup(although there’s no need for help)

EDIT: I just got a like in 5 secs after I post, some of you don’t have a life, that’s really obvious now :wink:


Unfortunately that’s poor peoples life… I think I will keep with Forge until final day, which is in 3 months. Thank you everyone for your replies and help.

Actually paying something like 6.17 $ a month.