Colour of Unread Topics

Good day, gentlefolk!

After using this forum for a while, I’ve noticed that the colour of the read and unread forum topics are very similar. Sometimes I have problems seeing the difference at first glance. Currently, the colour of unread topics is #222 and the read ones are #6F6F6F, as seen here:

I suggest that the colour of unread topics be changed to something more distinct, to eliminate any ambiguity. My first thought was to use the colour of this bar:

… which is #DFBE58. The unread topics then look like this:

However, I though that was a bit light and might be hard to read on the white background, so I lowered both R, G and B by 48 to get #AF8E28. This resulted in a deeper yellow which I personally find both pleasing and fitting with the current theme:

My suggestion is therefore to change the unread topics to #AF8E28.

NOTE: I’m aware of Octoshrimpy and Tomaco94’s Night theme. I am also aware that this (or something else) might become an official theme in due time. I am, however, very fond of the current light theme, and would like to keep it as an option and better it where possible.

I kept to a yellowish hue to stay close to the current theme, but it’s entirely possible something else would work better. I have no formal training in colour theory, sadly. What do you guys think?

EDIT: Oh, for the record, the css entry that would be changed is .topic-list a.title from (Though the url suggests this is a cache, so I’m not sure how much it’ll help. Ah well, at least you have the entry :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Even if you don’t use @octoshrimpy’s Night theme, you can still use the StyleBot extension to select and alter CSS properties on the page and they will persist for later. It adds a CSS button to the top left of the browser. You can click that, click “Open StyleBot…”, then simply click an element to restyle it. It’ll have several fields and such to let you alter the style without actually using CSS code itself.

Which presumably you may already be aware of XD

Otherwise, yeah, I can see how the colors conflict in some areas. I’ve also noticed some text on thread labels are hard to read because of the label’s background.

I am aware, yes. Typing out how to change it is nice for those who want to do so right away, though, so thanks for that! :slight_smile:

However, wouldn’t it be better that the style is changed server-side than having everyone install StyleBot and change it client-side? Admittedly, I am here making the somewhat arrogant assumption that most people agree with me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d also prefer for them to make changes server-side as well, but at the moment, I’d want them to focus more on Sponge itself. And I’m not entirely sure they’ve settled on Discourse yet. That aside, I’m for the change. Just thought I’d mention how to alleviate the nuances until they do. XD