Community Roles

So I mentioned this somewhere at the beginning, but I guess it got lost in the craziness when things were first starting.

I think it would be really cool if Plugin Developers/Modders/Server Owners/etc. could get their own “roles” or tags below their names.

When I say roles I’m talking about what’s at the bottom of the Badges Page. I think it would be cool and it would be a good way to distinguish between users in the forums. It would also give people an understanding of who they’re talking to… If they’re talking to a server owner, they shouldn’t expect them to be able to re-code a plugin, create a plugin/mod for them, etc.

Another idea I had was that within the badges, it would be cool to see progression-type, years of service, etc. type badges. Kinda like what Steam has.

So say you’re an active member for a year, you’ll unlock the 1 Year of Membership (or whatever) badge.

If you joined in the first month or so of the site being up (which is September, right?), you should get the From the Start badge.

I dunno, just some thoughts, and I’m sure someone could be a bit more creative with the names; instead of From the Start the badge could be called something like… The Beginning (God I’m bad at this). Anyways, I’m sure you get my points. I hope someone else agrees or can add something I may have missed. Thank you for reading.


I’ll think about it. :slight_smile:


I like it. Nice idea.

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I also like the idea!!.

Creative enough ?


And I think instead of just handing out the roles, they should have requirements you have to reach… Like; Get x downloads on your plugin/mod, create x plugins/mods, or something along the lines of that. Just some thoughts. I hope this gets implemented, it sure would be nice to get a nice little developer tag next to my name. :wink:


Really nice idea, I see how you could make roles have requirements, but I don’t really see how that would work for server owners. Developers maybe, but I think we need a way for server owners too, any ideas?

Well I say if you can prove that you own a server, and as long as it stays up you can have/keep a role like “Sponge server owner” or something.


Good point. I’m only looking at this from a developer’s perspective. You could probably put in a claim or something that you own a server, and then get it verified somehow.

That way sounds like it would need a whole team just to check out the servers and if they are even legit, there has to be a better way to do this.

Auto-pinging servers would work better, but it’ll probably overload Sponge servers…

Its better to let the user say if he is a server owner or not

Yeah, although the server owner badge should only be allowed to be chosen if the users account is a member and over a certain age, just so we don’t get a ton of people making small servers and calling themselves server owners. (They technically are server owners, but the badge should be for older members who already are established, on their server as well as on the forums.) Granted, I can see a couple small problems with this method. Mainly the fact that server owners who are already established with a server but not on the forums would have to wait before getting the badge, but I don’t think its that big of a deal.


Also I made a couple mock up badges by editing this page’s CSS (btw thanks @DarkArcana you made an excellent test subject. :trollface:)

How do these look?


This is an excellent idea. Although setting the requirements is hard. All of this must be done manually. Or with some fancy coding :wink: Maybe make it so that you can set your “job” (Dev, Server Owner, Etc…) at your profile settings? Would be awesome!

I just made a couple more badge mock ups.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

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Mods and plugins are gonna pretty much be the same thing

Would be nice to have a little badge saying you are a developer, server owner, or whatever.

I like the suggestion of having x downloads and/or have x plugins/mods to get the badge so it should limit people making crappy plugins/mods to earn a badge.

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I think it would be good to say, if you had the plugin developer tag, that there could be tier 3 dev for if you have coded a certain amount of plugins, something along those lines.

Maybe it could be based off of the popularity of their mods.

Can’t think of anything that would fit too well name-wise, so what about a color coded system?

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It could be something as simple as having an * like:
Plugin Developer*