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This version has been updated to work with Sponge API v7. Original plugin post available at 🎼 Composer v2.0.0 -- Note block music importer and player [MC1.10.2+/API5+]

Composer is a full featured note block music importer and player. Import Note Block Studio files by placing them in the config/composer/tracks/ directory and the plugin will automatically load them on start.

Composer comes with a full music player built in as shown below. There are commands for each action you can perform within this menu as well as the text itself being clickable.

Composer Example


  • Per player music player for loaded tracks.
  • Play, pause, shuffle, skip, back actions.
  • Flexible API to allow developers to create compositions programmatically or import other file formats.


  • Place the composer-x.x.jar file in your mods/ folder.
  • Place your .nbs files in the config/composer/tracks/ directory.
  • Run the server.


As of v4.1.0 Composer support playlists. To use playlists enable the option in default.conf


Creating a playlist

  1. Under config/composer/playlists create a folder with the desired name.
  2. Place your .nbs files in the folder you created.
  3. Run the server.

Set a playlist

Run the /music playlist <playlist> command.

Setting a default playlist

Change the config option to the playlist name.



Note: The -p lets you target a player other than yourself.

  • /composer or /music: Base command for plugin. These can be used interchangeably.
  • /music list
    Aliases: list-tracks, tracks, track-list
  • /music play [-p <player>] <trackNumber>
    Aliases: start, >
  • /music play-once [-p <player>] <trackNumber>
  • /music pause [-p <player>]
    Aliases: ||
  • /music stop
  • /music resume [-p <player>]
  • /music shuffle [-p <player>]
  • /music queue [-p <player>]: Shows this player’s play queue
    Aliases: order
  • /music next [-p <player>]
    Aliases: skip, >|
  • /music previous [-p <player>]
    Aliases: back, |<
  • /music playlist <playlist> [-p <player>]: Sets an active playlist.
  • /music list-playlist
    Aliases: playlists
  • /music loop-track: Loops the track.
  • /music loop-playlist: Loops the playlist.


  • composer.musicplayer: Allows access to music player commands.
  • composer.musicplayer.others: Allows use of -p flag.


Discord Support Link


A new version has been released for Composer, it is available for download here.

  • Plugin will now gracefully fail when encountering a corrupted .nbs file, and continues loading the tracks.

A new version has been released for Composer, it is available for download here.

  • Fixed a bug where songs will play over each other.
  • When clicking on a song that’s already playing it will now stop.

Hi, I have 2 suggestions

  • Possibility that songs will not be played one after the other
  • Command to play or stop a song for all players


Cool plugin! :wink:

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Hello, I’m a user of mcbbs. Could I reprint your sarhatabaot on the Forum

I will mark the original author and clearly mark your original post on the forum. Our Chinese forum website is

Sure, have fun :slight_smile:

hi this plugin plays the sound in all the map ? and can we put a sound ourselves and add the sound to the whole map with a command block ?

Bye and good night ^^

The plugin plays for each user independently.
You can add your own tracks by adding a .nbs file to the folder.

Hey! I was wondering if it’s possible to have an option to stop playing after the song finishes? instead of going to the next.

Thanks for this!
We want to use this for an RPG-style map but it plays all of the songs in a list rather than letting us specify which one to play by using the command.
Is there any chance we could get the ability to put the .nbs files in a sub-folder to specify the “playlist” built-in? Or at the very least, an option to put one song on loop rather than go down the entire list.

I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Thanks! I really appreciate it.

A new version has been released for Composer, it is available for download here.

v4.1.0 - Playlists feature


  • Added /music play-once command.
  • Added a loop track command /music loop-track [-p <player>] & loop playlist/tracks command /music loop-all [-p <player>].
  • Added a set playlist command - /music playlist <playlist> [-p <player>].
  • Added a stop command /music stop.
  • Added a list playlists command /music playlists.
  • Added hover messages to /music.
  • Added a “Play Once” option to /music.


You can now create playlists by add sub folders to the “playlists” folder.
The playlist name is the folder name.
You can also create a default playlist through the config.

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Thanks to @KonohaDaze & @SnowBlitzz for the ideas for the features added in 4.1.0 :slight_smile:

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wowow thank you so much for the update!! amazing work!

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A new version has been released for Composer, it is available for download here.

v4.1.1 - Bug fix

Fixes an error with shuffle using default tracks folder.