🎼 Composer v2.0.0 -- Note block music importer and player [MC1.10.2+/API5+]


:notes: Composer :notes:


Composer is a full featured note block music importer and player. Import Note Block Studio files by placing them in the config/composer/tracks/ directory and the plugin will automatically load them on start.

Composer comes with a full music player built in as shown below. There are commands for each action you can perform within this menu as well as the text itself being clickable.

:paperclip: Download

:wrench: Source

:bug: Issues

:gem: Features

  • Per player music player for loaded tracks.
  • Play, pause, shuffle, skip, back actions.
  • Flexible API to allow developers to create compositions programmatically or import other file formats.

:electric_plug: Installation

  1. Place the composer-x.x-SNAPSHOT.jar file in your mods/ folder.
  2. Place your .nbs files in the config/composer/tracks/ directory. (Here’s a good collection to get you started)
  3. Run the server.

:mega: Commands

Note: The -p lets you target a player other than yourself.

  • /composer or /music: Base command for plugin. These can be used interchangeably.
  • /music list
    • Aliases: list-tracks, tracks, track-list
  • /music play [-p <player>] <trackNumber>
    • Aliases: start, >
  • /music pause [-p <player>]
    • Aliases: stop, ||
  • /music resume [-p <player>]
  • /music shuffle [-p <player>]
  • /music queue [-p <player>]: Shows this player’s play queue
    • Aliases: order
  • /music next [-p <player>]
    • Aliases: skip, >|
  • /music previous [-p <player>]
    • Aliases: back, |<

:lock: Permissions

  • composer.musicplayer: Allows access to music player commands.
  • composer.musicplayer.others: Allows use of -p flag.


Awesome stuff here. I also didnt know about the Minecraft Note Block Studio.


looks like @clienthax has some competition, he already has this


Welcome back btw.


Doesn’t seem to be working with latest version of sponge.


Thanks for letting me know, I’ll try to get around to updating it soon.


I like this. So does this mean you can add songs to your server you can share or is it just a way to allow personal radios with commands or share with friends?


Basically the latter, it’s like a personal MP3 player for players essentially.


I like that. This is cool. I don’t see anything like it on bukkit. This gives me another reason to update to sponge. Thanks


O noes!, compertition ;_;


Updated for SpongeAPI 4.1.0, you can get the new release here.


Any idea when you will be updating to 1.10?


New releases available


[12:40:53] [Thread-17/INFO]: [STDERR]: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 9
[12:40:53] [Thread-17/INFO]: [STDERR]: at se.walkercrou.composer.nbs.NoteBlockStudioSong.readNoteBlocks(NoteBlockStudioSong.java:167)
[12:40:53] [Thread-17/INFO]: [STDERR]: at se.walkercrou.composer.nbs.NoteBlockStudioSong.read(NoteBlockStudioSong.java:118)
[12:40:53] [Thread-17/INFO]: [STDERR]: at se.walkercrou.composer.Composer.lambda$loadTracks$1(Composer.java:84)
[12:40:53] [Thread-17/INFO]: [STDERR]: at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

latest plugin version


@windy Was the start of several songs.



@anon34495435 Thanks, I’ll look into those when I get a chance.


Hello, could you play music in a specific block radius?


Was wondering if still works in the latest sponge 1.10.2

Edit: Tested it and only 1 song gets registered even though I have 5 correct .nbs files. The registered file doesn’t even have it’s name correct. It will say unknown by unknown but it plays fine.

This was the error message I got when starting the server.


Also found a bug that you can play two music at a time. It will definitely kill your ears lol.

Would love to use this so hopefully these gets fixed :smiley:


any update on this? also getting the same bug as snow is. I added over 150 songs but only 1 of them show up.


I like this plug-in. Can you let him use it on 1.12.2?