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This version has been updated to work with Sponge API v7. Original plugin post available at 🎼 Composer v2.0.0 -- Note block music importer and player [MC1.10.2+/API5+]

Composer is a full featured note block music importer and player. Import Note Block Studio files by placing them in the config/composer/tracks/ directory and the plugin will automatically load them on start.

Composer comes with a full music player built in as shown below. There are commands for each action you can perform within this menu as well as the text itself being clickable.


  • Per player music player for loaded tracks.
  • Play, pause, shuffle, skip, back actions.
  • Flexible API to allow developers to create compositions programmatically or import other file formats.


  • Place the composer-x.x.jar file in your mods/ folder.
  • Place your .nbs files in the config/composer/tracks/ directory.
  • Run the server.


Note: The -p lets you target a player other than yourself.

  • /composer or /music: Base command for plugin. These can be used interchangeably.
  • /music list Aliases: list-tracks, tracks, track-list
  • /music play [-p <player>] <trackNumber> Aliases: start, >
  • /music pause [-p <player>] Aliases: stop, ||
  • /music resume [-p <player>]
  • /music shuffle [-p <player>]
  • /music queue [-p <player>]: Shows this player’s play queue Aliases: order
  • /music next [-p <player>] Aliases: skip, >|
  • /music previous [-p <player>] Aliases: back, |<


  • composer.musicplayer: Allows access to music player commands.
  • composer.musicplayer.others: Allows use of -p flag.

A new version has been released for Composer, it is available for download here.

  • Plugin will now gracefully fail when encountering a corrupted .nbs file, and continues loading the tracks.

A new version has been released for Composer, it is available for download here.

  • Fixed a bug where songs will play over each other.
  • When clicking on a song that’s already playing it will now stop.

Hi, I have 2 suggestions

  • Possibility that songs will not be played one after the other
  • Command to play or stop a song for all players


Cool plugin! :wink:

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