Configuring Pex to operate other mods?

Continuing the discussion from :key: PermissionsEx v2.0 [API 5]:

By overriding the OP system in place by vanilla minecraft, all users have inadvertently gained access to items which would previously only be accessible with operator power. Items such as the NPC wand from Customnpcs or NPC/Pokemon editor from pixelmon.

This is a problem, so I’d like to know if there is a solution to this dilemma that is already known, or could be solved now. Thank you :slight_smile:

the solution is not setting the permissions default to true (granting more or less all permissions) for people who you wouldn’t have given operator status to before pex

I placed a workaround so this problem no longer needs medium attention. If there is a solution however, I’d like to hear it :slight_smile:

Thank you

Edit: I should also say, it seems to work just fine except for customnpcs. For some reason or another, I can only assume it reads directly from from the ops.json located in the root server folder, which dictates who can use the wand. Otherwise giving permissions default to the admin group works for everything else as programmed.

Thank you for your attention