Considering paying for a ChestShop plugin

Hello all, i am considering paying someone to make me a custom chestshop plugin for sponge 1.7 minecraft 12.2, upon searching hours,days and months i haven’t actually found a good chestshop plugin, except the likes of carrotshop, which makes the user do a quite a few steps to make the shop.

Im hoping for something like the old chestshop plugin where youd place the sign above the chest and format the sign

Item name
item price
how many items for sale

As simple as possible, for ease of use for my players. Also, added support to sell Huskycrates would be great.

Thanks, looking forward to replies.


I believe TotalEconomy now has a Chest Shop feature. Have you tried that?

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I haven’t tried that plugin, however I noticed that the chestshop is still in development, thanks though I’ll check it out.

Chests shops were released just recently, yes but they have been tested a lot by @Erigitic and me. Also: If you discover breaking bugs you can be sure that we’ll fix them as soon as possible when reported correctly.


@mark332 I believe this is for sponge api 6 and not 7? I’m currently on 7 :frowning: Also to add, i want per-player shops, so they create multiple chests for different items, not one single chest for multiple items.

Please note that TE switched over to API-7 as the main build target for development. Therefore the features are all API-7 ready. Here’s the currently latest recommended release for example: Erigitic / Total Economy .

To having a single item type per chest: I’m sure you could open an issue proposing a configurable restriction for that which may also be accepted but I personally do think this is kind of a relict of the past caused by insufficient APIs. I would suggest asking your target use audience which way they would prefer :slight_smile:

I hope this answers your concerns

Edit: Made a correction regarding feature-readiness for API-7. What’s in the works is the backport to API-6 thus exactly the other direction.

@mark332 Will there be an option to sell more than one item but instead e.g. a stack or half a stack for a price? This would be very beneficial to sell e.g. cobblestone per half a stack for $1 for example.

@Martmists If you’re not looking for the simplicity that Liam_pearson was looking for, you should look into trying CarrotShop, it is way more diverse and has many more options.

~ Alice