Console constant spam. All my logs are over 4gb!

My console is constantly spammed with this, it’ll stop sometimes, but I don’t see a pattern in when it happens either.

Here’s a list of my plugins

Update: When it does happen, it spams varying from seconds to minutes

Update #2: This "Broken pipeline ends the spam and then some players get disconnected
But why?

I can only guess at this point, but have you tried removing the Nucleus mixinplugin? It does warn that it might not work properly with heavily modded servers.

Thanks! That seemed to be the culprit :smile:

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Nevermind. It’s happening again :frowning:
I can’t seem to reproduce this with a test server using same mods either

Update #2: This “Broken pipe” ends the spam and then some players get disconnected
But why?

bump, this issue is making me delete my logs every day to prevent my disk from becoming full.
In summary of my findings:
error spammed dozens of times a second lasting from seconds to hours
Doesn’t seem like anything logged triggers in
However a player disconnects at the end of the error spams (no pattern in players)
Cannot reproduce with test server on same machine

Can you upgrade to the latest SpongeForge build (1.10.2-2221-5.1.0-BETA-2134)? I’ve added some more debug information to te logs which should help track down the cause of this.

Thanks! Here’s a section of the error.

Please tell me if you need anything else!

From everything that I’ve seen, I think this error spam is the result of a client disconnecting unexpectedly. Would you be able to contract the players to whom this has happened, and get their fml-client-latest.log, latest.log, and any relevant crash logs?

Server Latest Log:

FML log:

Adam’s user log: (cant find or match up anything)

I’m pretty sure this error was caused my a full disk and pixelmon not know what to do.
The broken pipe errors are also getting stranger. Before they would run a billion time a second consecutively. Then stop. Then someone gets disconnected. However, now the error runs consecutively. Nothing happens for dozens of seconds. example: (skips from :38 to :56)

Although unrelated, I did find another error in the user’s logs:

Would you be able to join #spongedev on to debug this further?


Can you upgrade to the latest SpongeForge? I fixed a nasty CauseTracker issue that might have been causing this.

Will do. Here’s what players see on their end

Has this issue re-occured?

Nope, not yet! Thanks Aaron

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Welp here we go again! I recently updated sponge to latest and I think it started happening again

Updated from spongeforge 2156 to 2185

I’ve done some testing locally, and I’ve discovered that that Netty exception is quite abnormal. I’ll let you know once I discover what’s causing it.

Can you join either IRC or discord? I’m going to need more information about precisely when this error occurs

anyone know if this is still being look into?