CraftBook 4


Yeah sorry, it requires the sponge worldedit for that feature. To depend on the forge one it'd have to be a forge mod.


Hello, I apologize if this may be obvious, but I’m looking for a 5.2.0 compatible version of this mod and I can’t seem to find any versions that specify they’re for 5.2.0.


This is where 1.10.2 downloads are available:


@me4502, you plan to implement custom recipes? How soon?


That’s probably worth waiting for 1.13 for. Recipes are being changed a little further to support a lot more server-side customisation.


Hii, (sorry my english, i’m telling german)
i have a problem with permissions. As owner access to bridge and gate function. Player have permissions like the documentation:
’- craftbook.bridge’
’- craftbook.bridge.use’
’- craftbook.gate’
’- craftbook.gate.use’
but ingame its writing, you don’t have permissions to …
I’m testing ‘- craftbook.*’ for the player, but the same, no permissions.
What is wrong?


What’s the exact wording of the no permission message? That sounds like it could potentially be an issue with your permission plugin. I was reported an issue earlier this week where the permission plugin wasn’t applying changes until the server restarted - so potentially try that.

It’s working fine for me when giving the player the permissions through Sponge, and with the permission plugin I’m testing with (LuckPerms)


Hii @me4502

After testing i’m found the problem. It’s UniverseGuard2 (flag place and destroy=false in the global building world against griefing). Without UniverseGuard2 players have access to gate and bridge. But i’m need protected areas. I will testing GriefPrevention.


Hmm, that sounds like potentially an issue with UniverseGuard2 if it’s preventing players using signs. Sign usage should not be a place or destroy action.


I’m thinking, it’s not signs. Player use elevator [Lift] and HiddenSwitch [X] without problems. Gate or Bridge change blocks inside the object (place or destroy).


In that case the protection plugin isn’t being specific enough when grabbing the player who placed a block. It should be handling direct placement only, not indirect placement.

It’s probably using @First rather than querying for the player correctly.


How i bind commands to items ?


That’s not currently possible with the Sponge version. I’ll add it when I have time and am not crippled.


Hey @me4502 !

Can you tell us if the MC Playerdetector sign will be soon implemented ? ^^

Thanks and keep on the good work !


I’ll add it to my TODO list for after 1.13


Hello, can you update this plugin to API7?


The current builds should already work with API 7 releases. Note the filename actually includes the API version (craftbook-sponge-S7.1-4.0-SNAPSHOT-dist.jar).