CraftBook 4


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That's safe to ignore. It won't cause any immediate problems, It's basically just a heads up to the developer to update their DataBuilder's if they want versioning support


Sorry I didn't respond to anyone's messages for a while - I wasn't being notified of them for some reason.

I've created a google docs spreadsheet that I will be using from now on to track the implementation of features from CraftBook 3.

Some features that are added are not listed on the spreadsheet, as I'm only updating them on the sheet as I work on them.


A lot of progress has been made over the last month, however I know a lot of people want specific features ported over. Seeing as I'm not psychic (sadly), I've created a google form that people can basically write what they want prioritized in it. I can't promise anything, and some features are waiting on aspects of Sponge, however most is do-able.

Here's the form, click here.

If you're not sure what's been implemented, here's the implementation progress spreadsheet.


comes back a year later
Hmm... only six ICs work...
Still waiting on Wireless Redstone and Entity Sensors... sigh


People have been wanting the other features ported at a priority, and I've been fairly busy. If you put those into the form in the above comment, I'll prioritise them.


I also found this video somewhere...


I have activated Chairs and that in Config: exit-at-last-position=true

But the player won't get back to their position from where there sit down.

Any advice to fix this problem?


That currently depends on being merged into Sponge. Once that's merged it'll work.


Thanks for the fast answer


How can i modify a crafting recipe?
Or create a custom one..



You currently can't do recipes with CraftBook 4, it's waiting on this sponge feature -


There an ETA on the Toggle Areas module?
Not noted any changes on the google docs spreadsheet for a bit ^-^


The ToggleArea module currently has most functionality ported over. The only part that's missing is the commands to toggle them from the console.


When i use chairs, entering is a breeze, but when exiting, i found it..... buggy, i glitched out into the wall


Are you using the latest versions of Sponge[Forge|Vanilla]?


Yup i know cause the hidden switches work


Hi there,

I could use some help with you guys, especially @me4502 !
I try to make an area (like the bukkit ones) but, when I try to save one i've an error:

Error occurred while executing command:

I'm on the forge-1.10.2- version of sponge !


Could you please provide the full error log?



We were using the forge version of world-edit and it seems that your plugin and the forge one isn't compatible. I presume that you can't make a compatible with this version of worldedit forge?

Thanks a lot for your quick response !