Crash after adding Sponge Forge (Solved)


EDIT–Inscruatable’s suggestion fixed my issue. I added reforged to a modpack off of twitch and added sponge forge to utilize some of the plugins for pixelmon. After adding Sponge forge I get a crash and then loops again to restart. I do have the crash report but can’t upload it on here. Not sure how the others get their crash reports across to anyone helping. I could paste if necessary, unless there is a more efficient way to do it. Thank you for any and all help. The modpack was created on twitch and is called pixelmon plus. There are quite a few mods on here so I cant follow this crash log.

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pastebin and hastebin are generally preferred.


I added a pastebin! Thank you for your reply and help.


I suspect your issue is caused by FoamFix.
Both SpongeForge and FoamFix add various optimizations that may not work with each other!
Disable the following settings in config/foamfix.cfg :

You might also have issues with old mixins conflicting too (due to coremods firing up prior to SpongeForge); that can be sorted out by prefixing the SpongeForge filename with something like _aaa to force it to be the first to load.


This helped with all of my issues. I did both suggestions. You are fantastic and I really appreciate your help and what you do. Thank you very much!


This was the nicest interaction I have ever seen on any forum. Today is a good day