CrateDrops - Random crates spawn in the wild for players to find

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This plugin is designed for server administrators to spawn in random crates in a configurable world. The crates will spawn in somewhere inside of that world’s border on the surface. You can specify the quantity of crates and what kit will be inside of it with the command /dropcrate.


  • Announcement when the crate is dropped and picked up.
  • World crate will spawn in.
  • Kits that will be randomly selected when dropping the crate.


  • Nucleus
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A new version has been released for CrateDrops, it is available for download here.

Initial Upload

Awesome plugin so far!

Just a couple suggestions.

A command to see what crates drops where in the world with location and
maybe different tiers of crates as well? (like common, rare, mythical?)

Awesome plugin so far!

A Question

You could make sure that when a server closes and opens the CrateDrops they do not remain as normal chests that are registered even as CrateDrops after the server has closed and opened.

Any chance we can get a spawn radius limit along with maybe and random timer to drop the crates automatically?