CratesReloaded type plugin

Not sure what all of the chest api is intergrated, but wondering if anyone is able to port or make a plugin similiar to CratesReloaded.

If you are unfamiliar, this is somewhat what I am talking about:

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That’s right, I am bumping this ancient post. But this is a major plugin that’s lacking for sponge!

The inventory API is only on 5.0.0 and I don’t know if it’s complete yet.
With 5.0.0 still in a bleeding state and the Inventory API being brand new, developers might wait to make a plugin that relies so much on it.
5.0.0 will be released soon, so that’s when a dev might start work on it.

There was a major Inventory API push not too long ago on the 5.0.0 branch but I believe this one might require CustomInventory which was not part of that update. Not sure due to the having to pay to use said plugin. ewww

Assuming that you want all the same features, I will take a look at this since 5.0.0 just came out.

In the mean time one of my friends made this which is made on pure forge and will work with sponge

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I love your friend. Would it be possible to back port this to 1.8.9?

If you want 1.8.9 why not use the lootcrate on spongeforge? LootCrate - Discontinued - #216 by Karagra_Gaming

Sadly, it doesn’t even allow %chance

Those do allow a % chance you need to read through the comments. I use to use that on 1.8.9 I just don’t remember off the top of my head how i set it up