Creating a Sponge plugin without an IDE?

Long story short, I would like to create a Sponge plugin using VIM editor on a macOS device, compiled without an IDE, using Terminal.
Has anyone an idea of how this might be done?


You can, but you need to download gradle and set up your gradle build script to compile a simple plugin.

A super simple example of a project created with gradle init, gradle wrapper and git init etc. is my NoFallDamage plugin on GitHub: GitHub - gabizou/NoFallDamage: A stupid simple Sponge plugin to prevent fall damage.

It’s a little outdated, but at minimum you need gradle (or if you really want to use maven, you can, but I don’t suggest it) to handle the Sponge API dependency.

Hopefully this doesn’t annoy some people, but if it does please tell me.

KtSkript allows you to write scripts, which act like plugins. It doesn’t create plugins. If you want to program real plugins, go with gabizou’s advise. But for simple things, KtSkript is the right thing. I always use it for prototyping stuff.

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Basically what @gabizou said. An IDE is great for developing a plugin (it’s in the name), but at the end of the day you are editing text files which get compiled by Gradle.