KtSkript - Endless customizations for your server


KtSkript is a plugin which allows you to write scripts for your server. It is ideal for very custom modifications to your server.

Kt means Kotlin, the programming language used for scripts.

Skript, well the old Bukkit plugin, I just wanted people to know what this plugin does.

Download (not on Ore yet, plugin jar is too large)

Wiki (a must read)

------- Example scripts -------

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[plugin request] right click detection
Cmd on join/leave
CommandUtils - Command alias, delay, and other handy stuff
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Silkspawners for Sponge

New release: v1.1



  • Fixed a bug which stopped the monitoring for script file changes when a script failed to execute
  • Fixed a bug which prevented script specific .imports file from being actually used
  • As of now, by default the default.imports file is ignored; changes will be respected and not overwritten only if the config option is enabled
  • Added config option for more log verbosity


New release: v1.1.1



  • Fixed a bug on Windows


New release: v1.1.2



  • Fixed a bug which prevented the automatic script reloading


New release: v1.1.3



  • Fixed a bug with the spawning event
  • Fixed warnings on Windows


Can you write an example of adding commands and permissions?


If you have any questions, let me know. I think discord is a better place to discuss individual things.