Current Bukkit plugins - Make sponge Compatible?

Spigot can handle bukkit’s plugins. I was hoping Sponge could make all of the current bukkit plugins compatible. Because I have a shitload of custom plugins. I am worried that if sponge is released, I wont be able to use them.

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Spigot is based on craftbukkit, that’s why Spigot can handle bukkit’s plugin

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Sponge has an event system and command system that you can move your plugin’s events + commands to. In my opinion, many plugins won’t take too long to port unless they use a feature that Sponge will not be implementing (cannot think of one at the moment).

For a start, Sponge has a different package name than Bukkit, which means that Bukkit plugins won’t compile using Sponge as a dependency. Not to mention some parts of the API are also likely to be different (e.g. ECS entity system).

You could try either:

  • Asking the original developers of your custom plugins to port them over to Sponge once the API is done,
  • Using Pore to provide compatibility for your Bukkit plugins (whether it’s legal I’m not entirely sure…)

The (initial) goal of Pore is to add compatibility for ‘Bukkit’ plugins on sponge. Keep in mind a large number of plugins are ‘CraftBukkit’ plugins, which won’t be supported. As a server owner it’s hard to tell what is a Bukkit plugin, and what is a CraftBukkit plugin.

The easiest way is doing the ‘version test’, ie does the plugin break every time a new version of minecraft is released, if so, it uses stuff that isn’t in the Bukkit API, and probably won’t be supported through Pore.

For me on my server it’s probably been around like 15-20% of the plugins that use NMS in some form that break with every new version of mc.