Sponge is really making me nervous

I do apologize if I offended you in any way. I didn’t mean to have the attitude of:

Now as to find where most* of this information is?

The rest can be found on the FAQ Here

most*: By most I mean the general information about what’s going on, however some of the information given here is found in other threads. To make finding this stuff easy, use the search function! For example, you were worried about the compatibility of bukkit plugins. So lets look up that!:

1st lets get the search function by clicking here:

Now lets search for compatibility and see what it turns up:

Well we have a few choices to choose here. We will take a look two of them.

Current Bukkit Plugins - Make Sponge Compatible The 1st response takes you to Pore - A Bukkit-Sponge Bridge.

Now we see that there is a plugin for Sponge that will do some heavy lifting until developers can port their plugin(s)! Which brings us to the second search result: Plugins to be ported!

The “Plugins to be ported” thread is a great place to see which plugin developers are willing to port their plugins! Here is a direct link to the list. As you can see, it is an very extensive list of 470+ plugins registered!

Now please do not take this post as “Do you think i’m to stupid to do this with out pictures”, but simply as a simple guide for those who may need visuals!