Dedicated french forum - sponge france

I made a similar topic months ago :

But the project was almost dead (lack of time, motivation, alone…) and I wanted to let it die until @Tom_2craft2 came to help me on it.

So i am proud to introduce you the french cousin of spongie : Sponge-france :smiley:

It has a face :


It has a forum :

It has a dedicated domain :

And it has a lot of work to do before reaching top rank search but at least, it’s alive !

As a reminder, this forum doesn’t intend to replace the official one and we will place as many links as we can to the official topics/docs/downloads.

Its main goal is to help french people and prevent your eyes from being hurt with low quality translation.

I hope this new platform will help sponge to spread around the hexagon.

We look forward to talking with you there :slight_smile:

I’m probably being toxic but I think people should just learn English in this day and age. Anyway I would make your site auto-redirect to https and fix the the site when using https. Also make sure that you have an SSL certificate besides just CloudFlare’s, you want the traffic between it and your website to also be secure.

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Even if they know English it’s always more comfortable for people to talk in their native language.


Not everyone, I prefer English on the internet. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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My main issue with this is that someone could just repost the forum topic for a plugin on this site on the French site, which would really just cause more harm than not.

Also, not sure if the sponge team would be very happy with a website that looks “official” but isn’t associated with the sponge project.

You are not the only one thinking this way :

Unfortunately, people here are barely fluent before university…

Thanks for the ssl advice but to be honnest I am just too lazy to setup a openssl certificate with auto renewal and I am going to switch to an other dedicated server. So it will be done on the new one :slight_smile:

Same here but we are not the only users od the internet and I have the feeling that sponge can gain reputation because it is so underrated in french community :rolling_eyes:

@codeHusky we will do our best to always have a link to official topic to avoid this case. I got no answer for the “do and don’t” but the final website won’t be that similar, only spongieFR to stay in the sponge environment.


First off, I am so happy to see people rising up with communities (especially in your native language) built around the Sponge project. Really is great to see what people are doing with the ecosystem.

With that said, we must request the removal of the customized Spongie icon. As per our asset guidelines (found here: Art Assets — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation), we do not allow massive modifications of our branding such that to protect our brand recognition.


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This is a bit of an edge case IMHO. The guidelines explicitly allow adding a hat, and so on. The moustache could arguably fit within minor modifications to Spongie’s facial expressions

It comes down to interpretation of what is a vastly modified version of Spongie, where they become unrecognizable or clearly different from the original Spongie mascot. Personally, I think Spongie looks cool in a beret - does it come down to the size of the beret and/or moustache?


Yes and the frensh community is not verry expensive on official sponge forum

Thanks, I hope that this new platform will be able to gather involved french-speaking people.

By comparing the two spongies, one can recognize the original sponge with a hat on and a nice 2 weeks moustache doesn’t it ?

Should I have its antenna visible to make it more rules compliant ?

The absence of the moogle antenna is hard to avoid if you put anything but the tiniest hat on her.
I should probably also remind you that Spongie is female, so the moustache is … interesting.

Let’s assume it’s a french cosplay :smile:


@Zidane, what is your final statement ? Is the cosplay of spongie compliant with assets guidelines ?

I will also change the main colors of the website so it doesn’t look like a copy of spongepowered.