Unofficial "Insert country here" sponge website

Hi there, this is a global question mainly for our lovely sponge team but anyone can feel free to enter the debate :slight_smile:

The thing is : I plan to make an unofficial french website for sponge.

I know there is already a french translation in the wiki and some nice frenchies here but our country is not famous for its english skills.

So in the case I take my .fr domain and setup some news, tutorials and a forum, what are my restrictions ?

Can I :

  • Have a link to official sponge website ?
  • Translate latest news in french for our almost-growing community ?
  • Use Sponge official logo and add a big “FR” on it ? What about other pictures ?
  • List the team and give them plenty of credits ?

Currently, there is [staff: redacted, dead but lewd url] but it looks kind of inactive and I like to build things by myself, not to say that I need to setup some web projects in order to improve my portfolio.

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

If this is really necessary( so, no french person wants to try to express himself in English) I think everything you said would be okay(don’t know what about the logo). But I disagree with a separated forum, all help, questions and answers should be centralized.

Aren’t there English classes in France or is simply almost nobody willing to speak in an other language?

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There are English classes in France, but it’s really more convenient discussing in French when we are french.

Yes, of course. For me it’s also easier to talk and write in German. But I would miss the great help of many English-writing users.



I want to start off and thank you on behalf of the team for your enthusiasm for our product. Appreciative people like you are exactly why we continue to spend hour after hour making Sponge and Minecraft great.

I’ll run through your list with our response:

  • On your site you are welcome to have a link to our website (infact we encourage and love when people do this!)
  • You are welcome to translate the news and I applaud you doing so. We only request that you be sure to link back to the source page in case anyone wants to read the original text as it was.
  • @mumfrey has been working hard on a Branding Manual which describes the “dos” and “donts” of using our branding outside the SpongePowered organization. I’ll leave the floor open to him elaborating further.
  • You are welcome to list the team and we appreciate the credits but it may be easier to have a direct link to our staff list on the docs. That way you do not need to keep your version up to date. The page can be found here:

As another option, we could give you a subsection on the forums where you can translate the announcements on as well as host your own threads and such. Let me know if you are interested :).


Wow, such answers, many words, so motivational :dog2:

I didn’t expect that, it’s great to see that you are all interested in this topic.

@RandomByte I don’t want to prevent people from coming here, I just think that some people are not comfortable in English though they want some support. There are plenty of French Minecraft forums but no one is dedicated to sponge. Obviously, I hope English speaking ones will come to join us here.

@RedNesto that’s exactly the point :blush:

@Zidane I have followed sponge since its beginning and now that I have some free time I want to resurrect my server as well as bringing some tiny help if possible. I think sponge is really awesome and starting from scratch will help getting quality plugins with inspiration from what we got on bukkit.

I will wait for the answer of @mumfrey because this is the biggest point of having an external website. Anyway, I still know the basics of photoshop and some friends can give me a hand.

I might think about translating here but my second motivation is to improve my web skills. Like configuring domains, nice design, responsive, clear code, etc… Anyway I kindly appreciate your offer and I am looking forward to reading more answers :slight_smile:

Correct me if I am wrong @Zidane but if this is open source isn’t the site here open source also? Instead maybe hook into a service like Bing translate that supports french and you can do that as a contribution to the site. You could do that.
@RandomByte You must understand that others may have difficulties with the English language. It is a very complicated language. I have been speaking it all my life and even I slip up. Some are more comfortable with other languages because they speak it more and live in it.

I really don’t know the details of that really if you guys even want that or if its just too much. @Cat121 could possibly do it. I really don’t know details of how the Bing translate service works so my bad if my info is wrong

@SuperMarioCraft_Gam English is not that hard. In fact, i like the English language way more than German. Even if i am still struggling with some sentences and words. (Making them, not reading… that’s easy :smile:)
And the world of programming and hosting servers, if not the entire internet, is an English-speaking world.
I don’t blame anyone if they want to stick to their language, but i think in the long run there is no real other option than learning English ^^


@Blue Especially in this plugin community, if you’re a developer, you ought to know english, as sponge, forge, minecraft, and the standard Java libraries are written in english


Umm well that seems like a bit of a moot point considering everything we do here is for server administrators.

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Stop. Just stop.

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What would you suggest ? Some restrictions, mandatory links ? That the point of this topic, I would like to know the do and dont, reusable with “insert your country here”.

I am server administrator as well and I know some young people who would like to do so but they have hard time due to their lack of english skills.

Starting developping and creating in their early school (12-15 yo) is a great way to discover :sun_with_face:

I don’t target only teenagers, of course.

So, I had no time for this project but I bought
Is anyone interested in a transfer ? I prefer giving it than knowing it’s used by a bot…

It will expire in august and I won’t renew the domain name.

Edit : I can also provide the french cousin of spongie !