Hey sponges! I am finally back, and have a major update to share! See the updates section below for full details.

The smartest teleportation plugin available on Sponge!

Home Commands

  • /home, /h - Teleport home.
  • /sethome, /addhome - Set your current location as a home.
  • /delhome, /removehome - Remove a home location.
  • /homes, /listhomes - View a list all of your homes.

Warp Commands

  • /warp, /w - Teleport to a warp location.
  • /setwarp, /addwarp - Set your current location as a warp.
  • /delwarp, /removewarp - Remove a warp location.
  • /warps, /listwarps - View a list of all warps.

Teleport Commands

  • /call, /tpa - Request a player to teleport you to their current location.
  • /bring, /tpaccept, /tpyes - Teleports a player that has issued a call request to your current location.
  • /grab, /tphere - Teleports a player to your current location.

Spawn Commands

  • /spawn, /s - Teleport to your current world’s spawn location.
  • /setspawn - Set the current world’s spawn location to your current location.

Other Commands

  • /bed - Teleport to an available bed that you have previously slept in.
  • /jump - Teleport to where you are looking.
  • /top - Teleport to the highest block at your current location.
  • /back, /b - Teleport to your previous location.


  • destinations.back
  • destinations.bed
  • destinations.home.use
  • destinations.home.create
  • destinations.home.remove
  • destinations.jump
  • destinations.spawn.create
  • destinations.spawn.use
  • destinations.tpa
  • destinations.tphere
  • destinations.warp.use
  • destinations.warp.create
  • destinations.warp.remove


  • v1.0.1 - July 1, 2017

    • Fixed known issue where “maximumHomes” config setting was ignored.
  • v1.0.0 - June 7, 2017

    • New Command: /bed - Teleport a player to an available bed that they have already slept in.
    • New Command: /jump - Teleport a player to the location they are looking at.
    • New Command: /top - Teleport a player to the highest block at their current location.
    • New Commands: /spawn, /setspawn - Manage and teleport to each world’s spawn location.
    • Updated to Sponge API v5.
    • Added support for MySQL databases.
    • Converted pagination to official PaginationService.
    • Added translation support.
    • Added tab-completion for homes and warps.
    • Added caching to players, homes, warps and back for lightning fast travel!
    • Added permissions to all commands.
    • All teleportation is handled inside of events.
    • Simplified configuration.
  • v0.4.0-4.1.0 - March 8, 2016

    • Updated for Sponge API v4.1.0
  • v0.3.4-3.0.0

    • Updated for Sponge API v3.0.0!
    • Updated version numbers to [Destinations Version]-[Sponge API Version]
    • Added version number to jar file
  • v0.3.0

    • Added /call command - alias: /tpa
    • Added /bring [player:page] command
    • Added /grab command - alias: /tphere
    • Added config settings for Teleport commands
    • Fixed small bug with pagination header text.
    • Special thanks to @ryantheleach for the initial /call and /bring pull request!
  • v0.2.0

    • Complete re-write of how Destinations stores data, moved to an H2 embedded database.
    • Fixed single player games showing all homes/warps between all worlds.
    • Added /back command.
    • Cleaned up a few player messages.
    • Added migration logic for upgrading/downgrading version from this point forward.
    • Updated entire file structure.
    • Forge build: 1499 Sponge build: 535


I am sure you want to look at the progress, so here is the source code.


For more information about commands, permissions, and everything else, view the wiki.


Check out the latest releases.

Comments / Suggestions

Feel free to leave me some feedback! Either reply on this thread, or create an issue.


Looks like a pretty solid concept, person with a suspiciously similar name!

Also, you forgot <name> on /warp


I’m working on a similar plugin. I’m using the /tp command for direct teleports and teleport requests (same with /tphere). The command behavior depends on the permissions: - default request behavior - direct teleport - (-d) flag - forces direct teleport - (-r) flag - forces teleport request
(similar permissions for /tphere)

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You should rename the command /listhomes to /homes and /listwarps to /warps

Those are alias commands so either /listhomes or /homes will work.

Finally pushed v0.2.0 details and links in description above.

That didn’t take long! v0.3.0 has been pushed: details and links in description above. :smile:

It no worky, y u no fixy? O u fixy? Thanksy

Oh it works… now :wink:

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Finally an update!

  • I have added support for Sponge API v3.0.0! See releases to download.

  • Also updated is the companion plugin Commando

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Commando looks pretty cool. I’m probably going to use it in the future.

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Now updated for Sponge API v4.1.0! See top for more info.

Great Plugin!

It would be fun If you add support for EconomyLite and an optional config that forces people to pay an amount of money to use the teleportation cmds. That can be change in the .config file… xDD :wink: )

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Version 1.0.0 is finally here! See top post for updates!

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It was tested in 1.10.2. You should be getting messages at startup, can you post those? And perhaps share your destinations.conf.

Set ‘maximumHomes’ to 1. Plugin still acts like “maximumHomes” is 0.

This is a known issue, and will be fixed in the next version. I’ll work on that very soon :slight_smile:

I just released version 1.0.1 that addresses the “maximumHomes” issue.

Han… Can anybody help me. Im a newbie in plugins configuration. When im in op mod. All commands work in my sponge/forge server, but i don`t know how, where i give the permissions to the players.
I think all my friends are using a “pirate” minecraft.

@TioHom you need a permissions plugin, there are several to choose from, and they all have different configuration, so I can’t help much there. Also, I do not support pirated copies of Minecraft, so you are on your own.