Sponge for 2855

Hello, is there Sponge for version forge-1.12.2-
I’ve been trying to add Destinations plugin (Destinations) plugin to my 1.12.2 server, which runs on version 2855, but couldn’t find Sponge for this particular version.
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The latest sponge works on the stated forge version to the last for 1.12


Whats the issue your having with installing sponge?

Simply, plugins do not appear when I start the server.
I assumed it’s not compatible because my server uses forge-1.12.2- (image 1), and the SpongeForge .jar file, which I have in my /mods/ folder along with all mods and plugins, is spongeforge-1.12.2-2838-7.3.0 (image 2)

Something else is going wrong, because that should work fine. Have you tried using sponge commands in console to see if spongeforge has loaded? Check your server log file. It may show what’s happening.

Sponge is loading fine, the issue is the plugin. Take a look at your log for the plugin id

Thats a old API version:

[12:52:23] [Server thread/WARN] [Sponge]: The mod destinations was designed for spongeapi 5.0.0 but version 7.3-7127e0882 is in use. It may not work properly.

Perhaps this is the main reason why its not loading

[12:52:28] [Server thread/ERROR] [Destinations]: Please check you database settings in the Destinations config.

This message appear just after the above message. Thats why its not working

[12:52:28] [Server thread/ERROR] [Destinations]: Destinations has failed to load.

I am the developer of the Destinations plugin, and it hasn’t been updated in a very long time. Unfortunately my time over the last few years has been limited when it comes to plugin development. The plugin itself is open source, and can be found on Github, so anyone can resume development. I would consider updating the plugin, but I would imagine there are other plugins available that can accomplish the same thing.

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